Thursday, December 20, 2007

I thought the number would be more!


Want to be a x ray technician?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On my way home...

It is raining outside, pretty heavily from the sound of it. I'm sitting in my room trying to decide what to take with me, see I'm heading back to Chicago in the morning for my two week holiday vacation from LALALANd. I'm excited to be back in a world where people care for each other and don't try to stab each other in the back. Where instead of single people clogging up the roadways, family's caravan around the city spreading holiday cheer. Where instead of gloomy 50 degree days with weird rain that creates mudslides, their will be snow for miles and children running around like ait's a peanuts christmas special catching snowflakes in their mouths.

But I'm sitting here packing and I hate packing. I never know what to take with me. Currently trying to figure out where to shove my guitar hero cotroller in my bag so it doesn't get damaged. This year I bought all my presents on the internet and had them shipped home, so no need to worry about space for those. I feel like I need a new wardrobe though when Iay all my clothes out. TOday I went to JCREW just to look, but it was weird. It was like they through colored paint all over the summer line and had it shipped out to LALALAND for the holidays. I bought white t-shirts from target instead.

My flight leaves at 630am. Yeah, it is freaking early. At least I'll get to sleep on the plane. I wonder what it will be like to go home this year? Will their be a certain someone excited for my return to Chicago? Will my Mother watch movies all day and night with me? Will my Father force me to shovel, clean the house, and beat him at scrabble? Will my Brother be happy with what I got him for Christmas? Will my friends all be in town to hang with? Will I be sitting front row for a STYX concert in Waukegan? Will I watch the BLackhawks beat the Kings? Will I go sledding and get hot cocoa afterwards?

Will I figure it all out?

Guess you will all have to wait and see, but I leave you with this link to my favorite Holiday Song!