Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day...

Today on October 15th, I guess it is official blog action day. Most of you are probably saying to yourself, "oh look another holiday created by Hallmark, but this time to sell e-cards." Well you are absolutly wrong if you think that, today has officially been marked the day where all of us will speak out on the environment and try to make the world a better place.

In theory this sounds like a great idea, but unfortunatly it won't work and I am here to tell you why.

See, we all read blogs... some of us because they can be funny, some of us so we can debate news, some of us so we can try to make money. But all in all the only things blogs can't do are change things. When all the people who write on them and have no real power to do anything debate them they think they are making people aware. Yes this may be true but again unfortunatly no power to do anything, because the people who are in charge of the decisions to do certain things don't really care, because they have already weighed both sides of this and now you are stuck with their decision.

I'm going to use an example to make this very straight forward for all people to understand. Let us say for a minute that you are a vegetarian. Now you don't like to eat meat and you don't think others should eat meat. So on your blog you write about how you shouldn't eat show pictures of defenseless lambs being killed, you make a documentary about slaughterhouses. This is great people are watching this, maybe even someone who runs a slaugther house is watching it. But unfortunatly even though you have made the people aware of what they already realize, the guy running the slaughter house goes to himself..."well at least i'm making money so my family can survive." The guy eating the burger probably then goes, "Well I like burgers" and takes a big bite.

See you have no power to actually change anything. So goes it with the environment. I bought a hybrid...I love my car...You all are probably thinking that is great, good job, helping the environment. Well, to be honest I did think of those things...but again to be honest I also thought, this tax year I really need a tax break and I'm going to use less gas so I can save more money. I had other reasons that outweighed the environment in my mind.

Now we are all going to write about the environment but it is all stuff that we have heard before. If you really want car manufacturers to change their ways, everyone has to stop driving cars, COMPLETELY, or they won't care because they are still making money and you have no power to do anything. I'm rambling, but it is clear none of us have the power to do anything, so even if we write about it it won't change anything. Someone who has power has to stop it all and change everything and that is the only way to bring about change. Be it the president or the person in charge of your state, they have to physically do something, because debating about it unfortunatly doesn't do anything.

Again another example. Let's say your making a movie and it is the end of your 12 hour day but you want to shoot for another 2 hours. Well everyone on the set will debate this with you, they will say things like, "Let's just do it tomorrow" or "Yeah overtime." But everyones opinion will be thrown at you. They will debate both possibilities with you. But it won't change your mind, because you have to do what your bosses say, the ones holding the money. And everyone will fall in line because they have to.

So powerless to do anything...

I'm going to go drive my hybrid to work now...good luck to all of you, I hope you win your debates...whatever that actually means.


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