Thursday, June 21, 2007

So, my brother has hounded me once again to begin "blogging"... so, I have succumbed to his endless whining, and here I am, "blogging."

I would like to begin by saying, that in all the times I have found myself a "blogger," if you will, I am generally out of the country and on tour with some silly production, and unable to use my cell phone. This tends to bring out the boredom in me, and well, "blogging" is what I have turned to to keep myself from feeling completely out of the loop.

... so, what shall we discuss this evening...

I was just discussing with a friend how I was "blogging" and it kind of sounded like I was vomiting or something...

So, I am on tour with a very large production of a very well-known, global smash hit, that for anonymities sake, I will refrain from telling you... although, my brother hasn't done a very good job of keeping it a secret.
I understudy one of the "leads". It is very exciting. I went on this evening as said "lead" and it too very exciting.
ALTHOUGH, since I am in Canada... yes, you heard right, Canada, we are at a very high altitude... much higher than I am used to. I would like to tell you how difficult it is to breathe.. let alone how difficult it is to breathe when you are doing a role you don't normally do every night, and how much of an effort it takes not to let how dizzy you are and slightly nauseated get in the way of your performance. It is very exciting... no, exciting isn't the word, it is more intense, scary... I wish I had a bigger vocabulary...

ANYWAY... I had a martini after unsaid #1 global smash hit, and well, it was called a "g-spot" and it was very tasty... I believe it had vanilla vodka, grand marnier and pineapple juice.. maybe.. i dunno, it was good... and I ate a lot of wings... I was hungry, and they were cheap!

I want a bike... I miss my bike... if anyone can tell me where to get one of the fold-able bikes that I could put into my large trunk and travel with me, I would be very happy.

AND, I want a fridge... I am so over the fact that Canada doesn't have my south-beach diet breakfast bars... if you are ever tour, I recommend them... they get the job done and really quench that hunger in the morning... apples are good too...

I have a personal trainer this week... he kicked my ass yesterday... and now i'm afraid to go back tomorrow... I almost puked after we did lunges across the floor... but it felt good to be sore... nothing beats a good after workout soreness...mmmmm....

ok.. I got nothing else..

no wait.. i just finished the second season of Gray's Anatomy.. it is really good.. i cried.. a lot.. mcdreamy is so hot. mcmeredith gets on my nerves... sandra oh is brilliant, and kathrine heigel is a beautiful actress.

if you download tv shows.. watch THE RICHES on FX. it is brilliant, Eddie Izzard and mini Driver and at the top of their games.

ok, really, i'm done rambling.
I'll try to have a more constructive post next time.
I'm tired.


-lil miss stix


Blogger Steph said...

Wouldn't anyone who googled your name find this blog anyway?
I know I did ;)

June 22, 2007 5:47 AM  
Blogger lil miss stickler said...

yes, that's why i think my brother is retarded when he pretends to keep it a secret! but i love him anyway.

June 22, 2007 3:43 PM  
Blogger Stickler said...

Actuelly Steph you cannot google our full names and find this blog, nor can you google our full names in quotes and find this blog. Therefore we are anonymous...

Sis I'm so proud of you. Not for the show...for writing on the blog!

June 23, 2007 1:30 PM  

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