Friday, May 18, 2007

Little Miss Stickler has her day...

So my little Sis has gone and given an interview to her old college towns online newspaper. It is full of wisdom and chili. Go check it out here and it will bring you one step closer to figuring out what show she is in! Thanks to Joan Marcus for taking a picture of the performance I actuelly got to see. Now if only I could get her to write on this thing...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sink the Biz Rules

I will fully admit that I have become addicted to my site meter stats! And like all bloggers who look at their stats I'm going to say the same thing that they have all said before me, "Please leave a comment, I don't care how bad it is...Leave a comment …please...Say Hello...If what you say is stupid we will only make fun of you for a day or so! I just want to know who all these random people who stalk me are amnd you all know who you are!"

Anyways the one thing I have come to realize checking my stats is that our site comes up if you google some very inappropriate things. Like "How my sister lost her virginity" or my favorite "70's porno chest hair" Who are these people looking up these things! At least I am not the number one hit on Alia Shawkat... like my friends at the jotel! Regardless the one thing that does pop up most of the time is "Sink The Biz Rules at Nick's English Hut."

Since there is probably no better person then the record holder for Sink the Bizmark, I have decided to set out this post as The Official Rules To Sink the Biz! Hopefully I have said it enough in the above sentences so it will come up at least on the first page when you google it! So a back-story is probably a good place to begin:

When I was a junior in College my roommates and I discovered Nick's English Hut because not only was it a Icon of Indiana University, but it was located 3 blocks from our amazing house. Senior Year we must have spent at least 3 days a week lounging about in the hump room or near the pool tables when we should have been studying. We knew everyone that worked there and befriended a waitress, that at the time, we thought was just the best waitress in the joint...but there is more to her story.

As the year progressed we made ourselves known to the Nicks culture that we were top dogs and our Waitress, Eryn, helped us out in that regard giving us drink discounts, cutting us to the front of the line at the door, and always holding a table for us in her section. She was the one that encouraged us on the night that IU beat Illinois in Basketball, by shooting 17 three pointers, a slam-dunk one may call it, that we should go for the record. With Brian's parent’s credit card at our disposal, the 5 of us set out to hold the record for most alcohol consumed by 5 people in one sitting. Brian, I don't want to hear it! And so began the game…

To Play You Will Need:

A Bucket...Metallic in nature, about the size of 2 pitchers of beer.
A Biz glass... Specially weighted to float in the beer.
Pint Glasses...For pouring into the biz.
Napkins...I would recommend procuring a rack of them from a McDonalds, all will be used.
Beer...And lot's of it. We usually go through a 24 pack in about 15 minutes, better if you had a keg, even better if you play at a bar called Nick's.

The rules:

Sink the Bismarck, known as Sink the Biz, is played with a bucket filled with beer. In the center of this bucket floats a small weighted juice glass. You can buy these things at Nicks...normal juice glasses or shot glasses will not float correctly! Everyone sits around the table with a full pint glass of whatever beer is in the bucket. This is important, because we do not mix beers when playing the game, that is a party foul and you will be banished from the game. I prefer to play with glass pint glasses it adds a certain, how do you say, nobility, but plastic is ok as long as everyone knows not to squeeze the sides to make it easier to pour! Also make sure that everyone has a stack of napkins, it gets messy!

Place the bucket on a plate covered in Napkins and fill the bucket with Roughly two pitchers of beer. Going clockwise, the first person(There is no definitive way to figure out who goes first, whoever puts the bucket down usually just goes!) pours their beer from their pint glass into the Biz glass that is floating in the bucket. Their pour must be a steady stream. The second the stream breaks, their turn is over. You may pour as much or as little in as you wish as long as you don't break the stream! The object is to not sink the Biz(who am I kidding the object is to get drunk so the girl sitting next to you may do more then make fun of you for sucking at this game all night!). Whoever sinks it drinks it!

Now it seems easy in theory, but some rules need to be stated so everyone knows what happens when matters of controversy come up!

-A steady stream, is like when a guy goes to the bathroom after a night of drinking, it is not when a single drop falls out like your 70-year-old grandfather going to the bathroom! If the person pours a drop they must go again!

-The Pint glass must be held above the highest point of the handle to the bucket when being poured or the biz will be sunk and the person pouring automatically must drink it!

-One has the option to count to 5, Mississippi style, before they take their turn. This is in case the biz is floating so close to the edge you think it may sink before your turn!(most people play to 3, that wasn't challenging enough for us and we learned to time out 3 seconds in our pours)

-If the table is kicked and the biz sinks and you can prove it was someone kicking the table on purpose(Chris!) then whoever kicked the table drinks the biz!

-If someone pours any other type of beer into the bucket to play other then the beer being played with, they are banished from the game.

-If the same person sinks the biz three times in a row then they must drink the entire bucket!

-When the Biz is sunk it must be shot like a shot, not poured into an already existing beer!

So those are the official rules, easy to follow, easy to play, and now on to the rest of the story:

So around pitcher number 10 or so I think I got in a fight with all my roommates and left for a couple of pitchers and then came back and apologized. When we reached 17 we decided not to stop but to keep going. Which is how we made it to 27! Brian I don't want to hear it...all of our memories are a little fuzzy! Eryn informed us that we had broken some sort of record, that we were indeed champs. A picture was taken and we left...I'm still not sure how I got home!

The next week, oh yes we went back, Eryn informed us that a space had opened up on the ceiling of Nicks. And that Space was being given to us! We were confused until we found out that our Waitress, Eryn, was related tot he owner of Nicks and when she was asked who the space should go to, she told them about us!

For those of you that don't know to own a bucket from Nick's is not that hard a feat, anyone can buy one...but to have your bucket held at Nicks and hung from the ceiling for all eternity is something to be proud of. Supposedly when Nick's first started the game they would hold peoples buckets for them on their ceiling so you could always play with the same one. Well, sometime during the 50's or 60's they ran out of room and stopped holding buckets.
The only way to get a bucket is if someone dies and they will it to you or someone dies, they don't will their bucket away and a space opens up! I'm not sure who died for us to get our space...but we were bequeathed one. We purchased paint and supplies and on a Saturday morning went to Nicks and painted up "Drunky, the Bucket." The picture was put up on the wall of all of us with Eryn holding our bucket. You can find this picture if you walk from the top of the stairs past the bar on your right and look to the right side of the big entrance into the room with the pool tables. And forever our Bucket is at Nick's waiting for our yearly return to play with it.

So Folks if anyone should be the official rule makers it should be my roommates and I because as you can see we are Champs! For any questions or concerns you can reach me, Stickler, at If you’re in the LA area you can come play with us anytime!