Monday, April 30, 2007

A very important Question to start off the week...Don't Laugh!

So if you shave your chest hair...does it grow back thicker and expand to other areas of your body...let's just day the back region for an example?

Curious minds need to know what they may have just gotten themselves into? Not that it was me trying to get rid of that small tuft of hair that pokes up through my shirt that sometimes make me look like I am a reject from a 70's porno! And then tried to even it out...but screwed up and ended up shaving it all off...I swear...just inquiring minds would like to know...soon!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DonauInselFest 2007

Who is coming with me? Seriously, who is coming with me?

For those of you that have noticed for the last two years I have caught what one might call a major travel bug! And I have decided not to stop with Nepal...instead; last year around June, I found myself in Vienna, Austria. For those of you that were keeping abreast(tee hee) with my amazing adventures for the world cup you may remember one such article on about the donauinselfest. When The Donau island becomes one of the biggest musical venues in all of Europe for one weekend. Tons of stages, music round the clock, Bad german cover bands, germans, austrians, free food and beer! And not to mention JaegerEnergy! So when I ask who is coming with me...I expect you all to jump! and if that isn't enough to convince you look at the swell picture from last year!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thought process...

So I'm currently in Chicago...My lovely sister who refuses to write on the blog (due to her current job) was performing in Iowa as the lead in the such and such Broadway Tour she is on. She was amazing and if this blog wasn't completely confidential I would tell you which one...instead you are all forced to go see all Broadway shows that come to your town! Good Luck!

When I pulled into the driveway of my childhood home the first thing I noticed was the major landscaping work my parents had done on the backyard. It looks completely different. But checking out the plants and trees and stuff that is now everywhere it reminded me of what was missing and this story for all to enjoy.

When I was about 8 years old I had a mulberry tree in my backyard. I know everyone hates them because they drop mulberry's everywhere and dye everything a purplish hue. They are also a lot of fun to throw at people like the great tomato and mulberry fight from 1988, which is a story for another time. But this mulberry tree with its intricately curving branches was the perfect climbing tree. So perfect it held my secret fort as a child.

I will never forget the day Giles fell out of the tree and his mother banned him from climbing it. Well, we engineered a pulley system in the tree that made it possible for someone to lift someone else into the tree without any climbing. Therefore Giles was no longer climbing the tree to get to our fort. His mother didn't buy that BS either, but she did allow him to climb in the tree again. I don't actually think our elevator system worked, it was just for show.

Like I said I was 8 years old and it was a hot summer day. The next-door neighbors were installing one of those above ground pools to ward off the heat! I was excited because that meant an entire summer in the pool, maybe? Well, low and behold when they finished putting in the pool they came over to the house and told us we could swim in it and then informed my parents they had to cut down the mulberry tree because it dropped berries in the pool.

I was pissed, it was my tree no one could cut that down...well actually they could, it turns out their property line extends over where the base of the mulberry tree is and the fence that exists is actually meaningless. So I complained and through a tantrum like any child who was about to lose his beloved tree would do. My parents who I believed cared for me sent me to my room for the night.

The next morning, my parents went to wake me up and could not find me for breakfast. The phone then began to ring; it was our neighbors asking my parents if they could please untie me from the tree because the tree cutters refused to cut the tree down till I moved. My parents looked out the window to see me wrapped in the rope used for our pulley system tied to the tree. My father came outside and saw that I was crying and proceeded to cut the ropes, pick me up, and carry me inside. He then told me it was better that the tree was being cut down because I would get to swim in a pool instead. This just made me angrier, but he grounded me, so I couldn't go outside. Instead I had to watch from my room as my tree was ripped from the ground and cut to pieces.

The next day I asked if I could go swimming in the pool and the response from the neighbors was, "No! Your to small, maybe in a couple years!" I was never allowed to swim in that pool and 3 years later they sold the house and the new people tore the pool out when they moved in!

When I arrived home that was the first thought that went through my head...It would have been cool if that tree from my childhood was still there!

My second thought was of how unsure I have been lately! Work has been crazy but I am not going anywhere...I'm kind of at a stand still. So lately I have been discussing options with my father to return to Grad School and get my MBA. Why? Well, I have this feeling that I could have a better job and could start moving up to a different level in the industry I currently work in. So my question for those of you out there reading this; What is getting your MBA like? And do you think this will help me excel in my career? Or am I just at that point in my life where I am confused and this will in no way help me figure things out?