Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hell Has Froze over!

All I want to say is it snowed in LA today. They closed my freeway that I use to get to work. I through snowballs at my co-workers! Global Warming rocks!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A New Year to remember...

Ladies and Gentleman of the blogosphere, I'm BACK AND BETTER THEN EVER! I know, most of you have left our humble little blog for other flashy blogs and crazy people, but come on you can't be mad at me forever.

I have a story to tell that will absolve me from my unresponsive abscence, it involves moving and living in my car. It's true for the last couple of months I had to live in my car as I had to make a quick retreat from my home, since the new occupants (150 rats) decided that they didn't want us living there. My roommates and I fought the good fight, but in the end the rats had to many troops and our numbers were just not enough. I tried enacting the draft and calling up 20,000 cats to my aid, but to know avail they didn't want to get involved in the suicide bombings the rats were using against us.

So after that little fiasco I went home for the holidays and returned to LaLaLand with new roommates, a new place to live by the beach, and plenty more happy about my situation in life. So go take a look at the pictures of how we rang in the New Year and I'll leave you with the best christmas story I have.

It was 9:00 AM Christmas morning and I awoke to a was my father standing over my bead with pot banging on it like a 5 year old with a toy drum. "Awaken," he shouted, "For soon Grandma, and your aunt and uncle will be here!" So I slowly made my way downstairs, my hair sticking in a direction I didn't think was possible. As I turned the corner I saw my sister in a worse off condition then myself and my brother with a scowl on his face. Pretty much a normal Stickler Family Christmas. My family at times can be down right nasty to each other and holidays are no exception to the rule. My brother was yelling at everyone about how he had to work till 3:00 AM and that he needed to go back to bed, my sister was fighting with my Dad aout her rude awakening, and my Mother was angry because yet again no one was getting into the Christmas Spirit.

I had to step in by grabbing the first presents from the tree and forcibly handed them out to everyone to get them to stop shouting at each other. I love Christmas. Everyone relaxed and got into a jovial mood as my mom dished out her homemade bread and butter. We opened gifts and then it happened.

My Father said, "So I'm going to make mulled cider with a little rum in it, would anyone like some?" I will never forget my sisters reaction to this question for as long as I live. She slowly looked up and said, "With what rum?" My dad replied, "The rum hidden in the basement of course." My sister then laughed and said, "Yeah, Dad...that rum in the basment might be water!" My dad looks at her in astonishment and I just started cracking it up. it turns out 8 years earlie when my sister was about 15 she threw a party at our house while my parents were gone. They drank all the liquor in the basement and then filled the bottles of water so it looked like nothing had been drank.

I've never seen my dad try so hard not to laugh and be mad at the same time. The rest of the break was fun. So stay tuned for more...the hiatus I've been on has been for to long!