Sunday, October 15, 2006


So I'm in Montana doing yet again work I can't talk about. You all probably think I'm a spy or something. and maybe I am?

But it is beautiful here, very rainy but absolutly beautiful. I hope everyone watches the Chicago BEars play Monday night in football and I'll write more later. I have some crazy stories to tell!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy 26th to Me!

It is true, today was my 26th birthday. The most anticlimatic of all birthdays. I remember the rush of turning 16 and getting my drivers license or how when I turned 18 I could vote in the elections. Even 21 when I could finally drink that beer for the first time. 25 when I could finally rent a car, without paying extra money for being under age. But now 26... all I see is myself getting closer to 30. Don't get me wrong that sounds exciting, but I'm starting to feel old. To celebrate, my friends Dylan and PETE took me to a party. I don't remember much due to 8 tequila shots and a 13 second Keg stand. So Happy Birthday to me!

I haven't had anything of value to talk about lately and work has retaken over my life. I could tell you all about the pains of my job, but honestly, my job right now would bore you and the ramblings of someone burned out just lead to trouble. So instead I am putting up this picture for my favorite blogger friend Steph. I have a wedding to go to in Chicago next weekend and I needed new black shoes, cool huh?