Monday, September 18, 2006

Challenge this...

The Lexus; ingenuity, design, function at its best, with class and style to put you at the top. But what did we care, it wasn't our car! Chris, my roommate from college, the guy who stole my car once, had it break down while driving it to Ohio, then have it towed back to our apartment completely unbeknownst to me. Only to have me try to start it a day later, to find it not working and still he never said a thing. Until I caught him IMing his friend in Ohio about the fantastic weekend they had driving my car. His answer when I questioned him, "You said I could take it to the store, the store just happened to be in Ohio!"

Alone he caused mayhem, but after our friendship survived that bump, together our Hijinks were legendary. Be it the day we stole a life size Brittany Spears cutout from Mcdonalds or maybe how to this day our next door neighbors at IU still don't know what happened to their duck! So when the two of us are put together in a room expect complete and utter stupidity. So as I was saying, The Lexus, Jared, our other roommate from College, his baby. We were driving it into the city of Chicago to pick him up from work and then go directly to the Styx; Foreigner concert.

He told us to be their at 5:30 PM, so I figured we should leave at 4:30 PM because of rush hour traffic. When we arrived downtown it was 5PM, we had a half hour to kill and it isn't like you can park your car downtown for free anywhere. We would have to circle the block and wait. We accidently took a wrong turn and ended up on this very small street between the NBC building and the Sheraton hotel. What is unique about this street is it is only one half of a city block long. At one end is a giant circler drive in fron tof the hotel, then a median that takes you along the building till you approach a small circle that is about 20 feet in diameter o turn around and circle back to the hotel in the opposite direction. What is unique about this circle is that you can do a full revolution around it if you so choose. And this where the story truly begins.

When Chris and I came to the circle we had 15 minutes left of waiting and we started going around it. After the first 10 times I was getting a little dizzy. When we hit the number 20, I rolled down all the windows and opened the sun roof. When we hit the 21st revolution I stood up out of the sun roof and screamed, "Twenty-One." Chris made another circle and I screamed, "Twenty-Two". Chris started to get into it and we both started screaming together after we would pass a certain point in the sidewalk. And just for your information it took us about 20 seconds to make a loop. So we kept screaming. Around loop number 29 all the people exiting NBC tower from work started to take notice. SOme girls stopped and stood on the sidewalk and started to count along with us. At loop 37 the crowd started forming, young people in buisness suits and dresses yelling along as we circled the loop. As we passed number 49, I again stood up out of the sun roof and screamed "Fifty" at the top of my lungs. Tot he deafening roar of the crowd. We had done it was had made fifty loops and now had to go pick up Jared.

As we drove to pick him up, all I could think about is how we hold the record. How we should have you-tubed it and played it in fast motion for everyone. How maybe this could be in the Guinness Book of World of Records. When we picked up Jared we took him to the loop and subjected him to 10 more as we laughed hysterically. His first question is how much had we been drinking. When we answered "Nothing!" He replied,"You guys have to be the stupidist people on earth." I think he was just jealous he doesn't hold the record with us. So I put it to you, the people of the blogosphere, who can beat us in revolutions over by NBC tower, Because I don't think anyone has the balls to challenge us? Or at least who can top that story of stupidity?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I remember on this day.

I have found myself longing for the past lately. The naitivity of being a child and not having to take on the worries of the grown up world. I recently started a new job and some of the people I'm working with grew up in my hometown and even attended my highschool!! I know I thought it was crazy too, but when I started talking with them memories started flooding my head and I just wished I could be back, but not as an adult, as a child.

So I booked my ticket for home about a week ago. I'm gonna spend a long weekend at home and see some friends, drink a little beer at my old haunts, and go to a Styx concert with my roommates from college. I think it is what I need and I haven't seen my parents since last thanksgiving. When I called home my mother was very excited. She began telling me about the block party they were planning. Again memories of my childhood; water fights, riding bikes, The food, etc... Flooded my head.

This week has been hard for me, which is why the lack of writing. Not to mention the insane hours at my job, but something very important to my life took place this last week. It all begins at the beginning of sophomore year of highschool in 1996. I was part of something revolutionary. It was a TV station at my highschool called newscene. Through this group I made 6 of the best friends a guy could ask for. All of us from completely different group or cliques as some people call them. Never hanging out socially but putting together a weekly news program that won the best news program in the state of Illinois every year we ran it.

These guys became my best friends and senior year we started becoming our own sort of clique that let everyone in, threw some amazing parties that our parents still do not know happened to this day and came out with stories that would shock and amaze you. Our name was simple, Gafferland. We all shared one thing in common other then our love for this program, we loved a girl. Her name was Suzanne. One day Suzanne started dating this real a$$hole named Seamus. None of us ever had a chance with suzanne, she was the most amazing beautiful girl ever, and I have had a crush on her since she moved to the OP in 3rd grade. So on this day we came up with a motto and we made T-shirts and we wore them to school. The girls all wanted to know what the anagram meant on our shirts, but we didn't tell. We were hence forward known as the green shirt guys. But all of this is just back story and has nothing to do with what I am writing about.

On August 28, 2001 I was a senior in college and some friends of mine came running up to me in class. They told me my friend Dan from highschool had opened some e-mail that had made him burst into tears and go running from class. As his friend they wanted to know if I knew anything about it. I said, "No" Then another one of our friends said that Dan had gone back to the OP because a friend died. Immeadiatly my head started spinning, if a friend of Dan's died then a friend of mine died. So I sent an e-mail to the men of Gafferland asking if someone from OP had passed away.

It wasn't until late that same night when my friend Nate, AMMO of Gafferland(yeah we have titles, I was the messenger long story) called me. In a distraught voice he said, "Stickler, Matt killed himself." In what I would call a surreal moment we both broke down crying. Matt was our friend and the General of Gafferland. I had just seen him 3 weeks earlier and he seemed happy. Then Nate explained how I had to call all the guys and tell them because he couldn't. So for the next 2 hours I called Giles, PETE, Matranga, and Merrick. I had to listen as one by one they all broke down on the phone. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and all I wanted to do was go home and cry. Eventually I got that oppurtunity and I went home for the funeral. It was sad. And so this past week was the 5th anniversary of one of my best friends passing. I wasn't at home and had to deal with it by myself. I miss him and our group hasn't been the same since. So I just wanted to say Matt, if somehow you can read this, I miss you buddy. Here is a Busch for you! And now that I'm out of my funk, tomorrow I will be writing "The Labors of Laborday"