Monday, July 17, 2006

Rain in California?

This morning I awoke at 4:00AM to go to work. I thought my alarm had been the culprit of the jarring beginning to my day, but there was no music playing. I looked outside to see multiple bright streaks in the sky. Yep folks, Lighting. Now in the midwest we call it heat lightning, but you never see lightning out west during the dead heat of summer. We live in a desert, duh! So imagine my surprise when not only was there lightning, but it started pouring down rain! The weather is royally screwed up if were getting rain in California during July.

Today was uneventful, except my last posting finally went up at for the Worldcup. It took them long enough! So click here and enjoy. I'm proud of this one! ALso since returning I have made some site modifications i think everyone will find interesting. First there is a new picture on the side bar of my brother and I drunk in Barcelona. Remember that night little Bro? Also I have included links at the bottom of the sidebar for all the Stickler's World of Euro Yodeling Stories that appeared on And last but not least I have added some new blogs that people should check out to the sidebar! And don't worry I didn't forget about the story, tomorrow I have the day off, so I will write it while I am doing laundry. It's a Doozy!


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