Saturday, July 01, 2006

Á long long time ago when I could still remember....

SO yeah, it´s been awhile since last i posted on my site. It seems that life has really taken off right from under me. Well, if you have been reading the postings at Rival, then you all know part of the story. Currently I ´m getting close to the tailend of my trip which means soon I´ll be back in the good ole USA, surfing and singing kareoke on the weekends like I had never left. But for now, I´ve got a couple things to write about.

One, I finally made it to Germany. It has been amazing because i met the coolest Germans in Vienna, Austria who happen to live in Muncih and have been showing me a great time! But right now I´m kind of bummed, I went and toured a concentration camp today and it really has kind of affeted me. Just the stillness of everything and how cold it felt. I really don´t know how to explain it better then that right now, but it has put me currently in a state of depression. Hopefully once the first World Cup game is over today i´ll be inebriated enough to pas throguh this funk.

Which brings me number 2. Yep here we go, It´s world cup time. Ever since my Australian Dark Horses got their butts whipped by a call that made the whole wrold sigh in despair, I´ve been rooting for germany. And let me tell you, being in Germany when the germans win a huge game really makes it worth it. So with that i leave to watch the england game, eat some wings, drink some beer, and hopefully forget for a little while what i saw today!


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