Monday, July 24, 2006

The Conclusion of "The Best Europe Story Ever"

To begin if you did not read the last post click here first and then come back and read the rest of the story!

So you all are pissed I didn't finish my tale! Well now you know how I felt for 2 months not knowing what was going to happen when I returned home. Many people along the way asked me, isn't someone collecting your mail? Couldn't you call home and ask? Let me ask you this, would you call home and ask your roommates to check if an envelope with Ten Thousand Pounds in it came to the house? Yeah I didn't think so.

So when I arrived home after my flight, I burst through the front door to see my roommate "Costume Girl" sitting at her desk. I said, "Costume Girl where is my mail?"

She replied, "What no Hi, how are you? or Hug hello?"

I gave her a hug and told her the story. She informed me that my other roommate "Tattoo Guy" had been keeping my mail for me and she had no idea where it was. But he would be home in about 4 hours. So we sat on the back porch drinking beers and I told her about my trip.

When Tattoo Guy walked into the house I ran up to him and said, "Where is my mail?!" He looked at me and just like Costume Girl asked, "What no hug hello?" We are all very close!

Anyways I sat him down and told him the story. At the end he said, "I can't believe you just told me that whole story before going through the mail!" I said that was because I didn't know where it was. So Tattoo Guy took me over to a drawer in our dining room where he had been putting all the mail. I lifted out the large stack and both of us hurridly went through the multitudes of junk mail. Unfortunatly there was no letter at first glance.

But then somthing unusual caught my eye. It was a Post Card that had a picture of London on the front of it. I picked it up, flipped it over, and read:

Hello Stickler,

Greeting from London to you and your beautiful family.

Edward sends his best wishes!

Love Diana and Edward

I was stunned, I read it over and over again. But there was nothing else to it, no return address, nothing, no money stapled to the outside. So you all may be wondering, who is Diana? Well that is a secret for Edward and I. And even though I never got the money I wouldn't betray his trust by telling that inconsiquential story that he releated to me while walking to Buckingham palace. So in the end, it was the most anticlimatic conclusion to the tale, but the post card gave me hope. Edward knew I wasn't going to be home for 2 months, so maybe, just maybe that letter is still destined to find its way to my home. Becuase if not, I just told the story of how I got conned out of two hundred dollars in London.


Blogger Lynn-e said...

DAMN! Damn damn damn!

Interesting that he took the time to send a postcard though. That is excellent stuf...but hey, did you say you were in You, Me & Dupree? If so, in what scene?

July 24, 2006 8:25 AM  
Blogger Steph said...

Oh fuck it!!
Well, at least it makes a good story.
That old bastard better cough up or I'll search Oz for him. You just give me a discription and I'll harrass every old bugger i come across till I find him ;)

July 24, 2006 7:28 PM  
Blogger Stickler said...

Lynn-e, The answer to your question lies in the links. I can't post details, I don't know how long my confidentiality agreement lasts. But it is towards the end!

Steph, I'm so glad I can count on you, so next year when I'm in australia do I have a guide to show me around?

July 24, 2006 10:25 PM  
Blogger Drunken Chud said...

dude, who gives a shit about the money, that's one hell of a story. when you tell it in the future, just don't give an ending. just end the story when you departed and how awestruck you were. when people ask just say, "what do you think i found when i got home?" let them make their own conclusions. cuz that's an awesome story.

July 26, 2006 1:08 PM  

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