Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Skydiving Swiss Style

I don't know where to start other then to say, I jumped out of a plane in switzerland.  I even have pictures to prove it.  Alot has happened since last time I wrote.  I went to Interlaken Switzerland and stayed in a hostel called Balmers.  If you are traveling in Europe my only reccomendation other then going to the guiness factory in Dublin, Ireland.  Is to go to Balmer's in Interlaken.  I met some amazing people from Australia, Canada, and even a girl who happens to live 2 blocks away from in LA.  Seriously two blocks, she lives on the street where my old apartment is.  Kevin if your reading she lives in the white one at the end of the block that looks like Ours!  But I can't really put into words what it is like to jump out of a plane.  Really there is no way to describe the rush or the feelings.  The rest of the day afterwards just ends up being a blur of excitement while you try to calm yourself down.  I lvoe sky diving and i may do this as a career, in fact i have been thinking about moving back to switzerland and possibly teaching ice climbing or something like that. 
But i got off the point.  Currently i am in Rome.  Yeah, it's a long story.  I'm still not sure how I managed to get here.  It has a lot to do with missing a train, running into some people I met in Interlaken and on a whim going someplace else.  The life of a traveler.  YOu got to love it.  Last night I watched the most amazing football game.  Australia scroed all three  goals to win in the last 10 minutes.  Iw atched the US show why they aren't suppossed to be in this tournament, and I cheered on Italy with too many italians as the won there match.  Actuelly i spent most of the game talking with a girl I met from edminton who of course is an oilers fan.  But the game was on in the background.  OK so there you go today I'm going to the vatican, I'm excited. SO with that were at the half way mark, one more month to go.  Oh and youngest stickler, when are you going to post the story about your trip?


Blogger Rival Room Editor said...

Everyone check out more stories of stickler's journies at www.rivalfish.com/rivalroom. Stickler has his very own featured diary from his World Cup experience, "Stickler's World Of Euro-Yodeling"

June 13, 2006 1:02 PM  
Blogger Stickler said...

what a plug!

June 14, 2006 2:10 AM  
Blogger Drunken Chud said...

so what you're saying is that you travelled half way around the world to meet the girl down the street? kind of expensive isn't it? couldn't you have just made a quiche?

June 14, 2006 7:04 PM  

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