Monday, June 05, 2006

Sick In Paris

When describing my experience in France to everyone, I can sum it up in pretty much one word. Sick!  Yep, I got sick with a sore throat when I made it to Paris.  Why?  Well that has to do with a little thing called it being unseasonably cold and rainy, everywhere I go.  It also didn´t help that it took me exactly 2 full days to get to PAris from Ireland.  I´m not complaining though...No in fact it is a rather magical story of murder, intrigue, romance, and phlem.  It all begins in Cork, Ireland  where I was suppossed to catch a ferry to Rosscoff, France.  Due to weather difficulties the Ferry was totally booked up and I had to take a 6 hour bus ride across Ireñand to the other port of enty in Rosslear to catch a different ferry.  On arriving at this ferry, I was shown to seats in the very bottom of the ferry wher it was very cold.  I sat there with my bag and then realized I was not going to sit in the cold for 17 hours.  I then heard american voices coming fom a distant corner of the ship.  I slowly walked over to them and said, Hello!  This is how I met Tara and Nikki and my crazy adventure aboard the Irish ferry began.
I convinced the two girls to watch my stuff while I searched the boat for a place to store all our bags safely.  Especially since I didn´t have a room or anything and who wants to be carrying around a giant bag on what most peoplehave formerly termed a "Booz Cruise."  So I found a locker area, we stored our bags and hit the bar.  I was smart and brought beer with me.  The girls on the other hand purchased a large bottle of vodka and juice.  We then met more americas who were from Texas, very young and very naive.  These two girls left us and went off with some of the sketchiest polish guys I had ever met.  Anywaysthe three of us wre drinking, I watched Nikki officially put every guy I know to shame drinking when she consumed a good 2/3 of the bottle leaving the rest for Tara to polish off.  I drank my two beers and in my sarcastic way gained there trust. 
So Nikki passed out, and TAra and I played Soduku in the bar.  It was kind of funny and playful SOduku, at one point she thought we should add a drinking element to the game, I looked at my watch, 15 more hours on the boat why not.  As we were getting to know each other, one of the girls from Texas stumbles up to the table clearly drunker then that homeless man that sits in my gutter in front of my house.  She explains how she lost her friend, how her friend passed out and took the polish guys carried her away. 
Springing into action was super Stickler.  Actualy Tara informed me I had no choice but to find her and bring her back to our table in the bar.  After searching high and low I found her passed out in the back corner of the boat with the sketchy polish guys crouched around her salavating.  Seriousl I have saved many a person in my day, but this was the hardest.  I walked over to the guys and informed them I was going to take her back to her friend and bed.  They of course didn´t speak english, but did try to stop me.  Thank god Tara came walking up behind me and grabbed the girl from the floor.  We then carrid her back to the table, mae her drink water and eat sandwiches till she sobered up.  Good work for Super STickler.
And in the end, yes, I got the girl. But I do not kiss and tell, unless it is something good.  Instead i will just say a very cold ferry ride became one that was more balmy then anything.
I´m currently trveling with the youngest Stickler through spain, Ihave gotten over the illness, and last night the two of us met twins at a bar! Your asumptions of what probabñy happened are correct.  But these are stories for another time. Buenos Noches!


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MOTHER. FUCKIN. P-I-M-P! i think i need to go to europe.

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