Thursday, June 29, 2006

Twins (Mom don't read this)

I finally have the internet in my new apartment so I finally have the opportunity to write about the lengendary adventure I had with my brother in Europe.
Our story begins in Madrid at a party in a hostel. I had convinced my brother to go out even though he was still recovering from a cold. He agreed to one drink. When we got to the bar we were a little worried because we didn't see to many people there until one of the guys working there told us drinks were down stairs. We got down there and the place was packed.
We got our drinks and went upstairs and watched a little soccer. This whole time my brother had a plan, which he did not tell me. He had spotted to gorgeous twins and when I was about to get up and talk to them my brother told me to wait. Since we were the only two guys at the bar not trying to talk to them they came over and talked to us. Stickler was on fire, I had know idea he had the perfect opening game plan. We tried as hard as we could to keep them from leaving, Stickler talked about his life in the movie biz and I talked about my slightly exagerated career as a musician. Stickler was growing tired and was beginning to give up hope. What he didn't know was that I was sealing the deal for the two of us. But it was too late Stickler didn't want to go to a club and all ready said his good byes when I started making out with the other twin. All was lost because of a lack of communication. The one girl couldn't stay with me and leave her sister so I told her to meet me at my hostel later in the night. I left with my brother and told him how we both could have had twins if hadn't called it a night, I was the perfect wing man and Stickler had know idea that I was capable of this skill.
The girl showed up at 3:30 in the morning and we went up to the roof of the hostel where things began to get, well you know. During the fun she began moaning my name. Now remember it's very early in the moring and my memory wasn't working too well. I had forgotten her name completely and thus I pulled a Sienfeld by saying "ohh you". She stopped and looked at me and said "you don't remember my name?" I replied "Mulva?" I thought what I had said was so funny I couldn't stop laughing in her face. She left, but I at least have a good story.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So currently i'm in Florence...

Like I said florence, I don't have much time to tell some riveting tale, but I ended up in Rome and had possibly the best time of my life. It is so old and amazing. I also had the italian experince of kissing a girl at midnight at Trevi fountain, the steps of the colleseum, many other places in the middle of night around Rome. The sistine Chapel basically stunned me for about a half hour, I'm still trying to figure out how long it took for them to complete some of those rooms in the Vatican museum. But for more riveting tales and pictures of my sky diving click here!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Skydiving Swiss Style

I don't know where to start other then to say, I jumped out of a plane in switzerland.  I even have pictures to prove it.  Alot has happened since last time I wrote.  I went to Interlaken Switzerland and stayed in a hostel called Balmers.  If you are traveling in Europe my only reccomendation other then going to the guiness factory in Dublin, Ireland.  Is to go to Balmer's in Interlaken.  I met some amazing people from Australia, Canada, and even a girl who happens to live 2 blocks away from in LA.  Seriously two blocks, she lives on the street where my old apartment is.  Kevin if your reading she lives in the white one at the end of the block that looks like Ours!  But I can't really put into words what it is like to jump out of a plane.  Really there is no way to describe the rush or the feelings.  The rest of the day afterwards just ends up being a blur of excitement while you try to calm yourself down.  I lvoe sky diving and i may do this as a career, in fact i have been thinking about moving back to switzerland and possibly teaching ice climbing or something like that. 
But i got off the point.  Currently i am in Rome.  Yeah, it's a long story.  I'm still not sure how I managed to get here.  It has a lot to do with missing a train, running into some people I met in Interlaken and on a whim going someplace else.  The life of a traveler.  YOu got to love it.  Last night I watched the most amazing football game.  Australia scroed all three  goals to win in the last 10 minutes.  Iw atched the US show why they aren't suppossed to be in this tournament, and I cheered on Italy with too many italians as the won there match.  Actuelly i spent most of the game talking with a girl I met from edminton who of course is an oilers fan.  But the game was on in the background.  OK so there you go today I'm going to the vatican, I'm excited. SO with that were at the half way mark, one more month to go.  Oh and youngest stickler, when are you going to post the story about your trip?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Did I just write that!

So I´m shoving off today for switzerland, maybe Italy. I haven´t decided yet! I love this trip and the randomness. Well the Youngest Stickler left this morning To head back to the states. We had a great time when we weren´t bickering like we were in grade school. But I´m gonna let him tell the story. I just wanted to say before I lose internet connectivity again for a few days go to My articles will hopefully begin showing there little heads since the World Cup starts tomorrow! So to everyone let me end by saying Go USA, but if they get knocked out Early...Go Australia my favorite dark horse team!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sick In Paris

When describing my experience in France to everyone, I can sum it up in pretty much one word. Sick!  Yep, I got sick with a sore throat when I made it to Paris.  Why?  Well that has to do with a little thing called it being unseasonably cold and rainy, everywhere I go.  It also didn´t help that it took me exactly 2 full days to get to PAris from Ireland.  I´m not complaining though...No in fact it is a rather magical story of murder, intrigue, romance, and phlem.  It all begins in Cork, Ireland  where I was suppossed to catch a ferry to Rosscoff, France.  Due to weather difficulties the Ferry was totally booked up and I had to take a 6 hour bus ride across Ireñand to the other port of enty in Rosslear to catch a different ferry.  On arriving at this ferry, I was shown to seats in the very bottom of the ferry wher it was very cold.  I sat there with my bag and then realized I was not going to sit in the cold for 17 hours.  I then heard american voices coming fom a distant corner of the ship.  I slowly walked over to them and said, Hello!  This is how I met Tara and Nikki and my crazy adventure aboard the Irish ferry began.
I convinced the two girls to watch my stuff while I searched the boat for a place to store all our bags safely.  Especially since I didn´t have a room or anything and who wants to be carrying around a giant bag on what most peoplehave formerly termed a "Booz Cruise."  So I found a locker area, we stored our bags and hit the bar.  I was smart and brought beer with me.  The girls on the other hand purchased a large bottle of vodka and juice.  We then met more americas who were from Texas, very young and very naive.  These two girls left us and went off with some of the sketchiest polish guys I had ever met.  Anywaysthe three of us wre drinking, I watched Nikki officially put every guy I know to shame drinking when she consumed a good 2/3 of the bottle leaving the rest for Tara to polish off.  I drank my two beers and in my sarcastic way gained there trust. 
So Nikki passed out, and TAra and I played Soduku in the bar.  It was kind of funny and playful SOduku, at one point she thought we should add a drinking element to the game, I looked at my watch, 15 more hours on the boat why not.  As we were getting to know each other, one of the girls from Texas stumbles up to the table clearly drunker then that homeless man that sits in my gutter in front of my house.  She explains how she lost her friend, how her friend passed out and took the polish guys carried her away. 
Springing into action was super Stickler.  Actualy Tara informed me I had no choice but to find her and bring her back to our table in the bar.  After searching high and low I found her passed out in the back corner of the boat with the sketchy polish guys crouched around her salavating.  Seriousl I have saved many a person in my day, but this was the hardest.  I walked over to the guys and informed them I was going to take her back to her friend and bed.  They of course didn´t speak english, but did try to stop me.  Thank god Tara came walking up behind me and grabbed the girl from the floor.  We then carrid her back to the table, mae her drink water and eat sandwiches till she sobered up.  Good work for Super STickler.
And in the end, yes, I got the girl. But I do not kiss and tell, unless it is something good.  Instead i will just say a very cold ferry ride became one that was more balmy then anything.
I´m currently trveling with the youngest Stickler through spain, Ihave gotten over the illness, and last night the two of us met twins at a bar! Your asumptions of what probabñy happened are correct.  But these are stories for another time. Buenos Noches!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

for Stickler

Stickler wanted me to inform all of you avid readers that he is having a wonderful time in europe and that he is terribly apologetic for his lack of posts recently. he is going to try and email me his posts so i can put them up because unfortunately whatever he was attempting wasn't working.. at all.. So, never fear though, he is not dead, or lost, and hasn't been taken captive by any irish folk. infact, he is currently in spain with our little brother enjoying himself and meeting lots of people and experiencing the cultures, blablahblah.. his actual posts will be much more interesting than this one. So, as soon as he emails me something, i will hop to it and get all his wacky and wild sticklerized stories up for your enjoyment. sorry for the inconvenience.