Thursday, May 25, 2006

It costs me €1 for 15 minutes on the computer!

Ok, I'm pissed because I have sent three posts and today I was finally somewhere I could check the page and none of them were up!  So to summarize...So much has happened.  So many stories. But to sum it all up I love European Women!  Love them!  The girls I have met in Ireland especially.  I love Ireland and have had a blast.  Currently, I'm in Cork.  I was in Dublin for the last couple of days, it was fantastic.  I went ona  pub crawl, went to St. James brewery and had guiness straight from the source.  Ran into Bono at a bar!  Life has been Good.  But like I said this is way too expensive and since none of the stories I sent for the last couple of days have shown, Let's just say, tomorrow  I'm gonna find a cheap place would good keyboard! Hope everyone is having a good week!



Friday, May 19, 2006

I have arrived!

First off I just want to say that Virgin Atlantic is the best damn
air-o-plane that exists. I knew it was going to be good when after I
stepped past the 10 beautiful female stewardess's, there was a huge bar in
the center of the plane. Also they served me 2 meals, I could watch movies
on my own personal TV, and all the free booze I could drink. It made the
ten and a half hours go bye so quickly.

I'm currently staying in a hostel in London called "the generator." I knew
this place was going to rock, when the first thing I saw was a large sign
stating that tonight was kareoke night in the bar. Asthe avid singer of
kareoke I was not about to miss out on an oppurtunity to show up mass
amounts of foriegners. I got to my room and took a 2 hour power nap. by
this time it was 5:00 in the PM. I was still extremely tired from not
sleeping well on the plane, but I refued to be badly jet lagged.

I went to a pub down the street called "the goose." I was so tired the
bartender and me had trouble understanding each other. He finally says,
"find a table, sit down, and then come back and order." The place was of
course packed. So remembering what dave had told me before I left. Step
out of your comfort zone! I approached two guys who had an open seat at
there table. This is how I met Troy and Andrew from Victoria Falls
Oztralia, and had one of the best first evenings one could have in a foreign
land. but that is a story for my next post. By the way I am really
jet-lagged, or maybe hungover. Both kind of feel the same!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane!

I packed everything, realized I had to much, got rid of half of that stuff. Repacked again. I still have too much stuff! I'm going for 2 months!!! I have enough stuff to go two weeks without laundry! But it is too much stuff! My plane leaves in exactly 5 hours and I'm still not done! So I am going to live with having too much stuff, my bag isn't that heavy. Maybe I'm just scared to leave? Well, next time I write I will be into the trip. Thanks for the kind words everyone, if you want post cards send me an address at

Good Bye


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This is a Test!

This is a test of the emailing capability of my blogger account. If you are all reading this, then be excited, for tomorrow I leave for Europe. I am about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life, and all of you are going to come along for the ride. will also be posting all of my writings pertaining to the World Cup. So if your a sports nut go there and read about my World Cup journey, if your a fan of our blog read here about my journey pertaining to the sights and the mischief I am sure to get in! Either way please comment because I would love to know who is reading this stuff! Just say hello, I don't bite...well not enought to draw blood! For those of you whose blogs I read and comment on, I am taking a 2 month hiatus from reading your blogs, I'll catch up when I get back. And know that I still love you all! Also my sister and brother will be taking over control of the blog for 2 months...I apologize in advance for the inconvience. They will be answering comments, etc... I will try whenever I get a chance to answer all comments but I may be too busy! And finally for those of you that keep googling "Lose Viriginity to Brother" and this site comes up...know that my sister accidently used the word "Brother" in one her posts yelling at me about how I told everyone how she lost her virginity to a certain guy that will remain nameless. This is not that kind of site! I'm definitly going to miss my addiction to sitemeter! So with all of this being said, Goodbye everyone...Goodbye...goodbye...goodbye...goodbye...goodbye...I'm not saying goodbye to you...goodbye...goodbye...and goodbye. See ya July 12th!

Friday, May 12, 2006

World Cup Friday!

Yep, it has been three weeks since the last time I posted something on So go read about why no one should miss the World Cup this year!

If sports humor doesn't float your boat then how about the funniest razor ad I have ever seen. Not only has it made me spend my morning searching out this tool of men, I can now boldly say my whole body is smoother then a babies bottom! Thanks to The Cali Thais for linking it on there page!

Have wonderful weekend and if your in the LA area, Brass Monkey, Karaoke, Saturday night!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Less Then a Week Till I'm Gone!

So the countdown has officially begun, in less then one week I head off to Europe for 2 months. British Ladies beware, because I'm coming for all of you first. I'm actuelly rather nervous and little scared right now. I have never in my life done anything remotely like this unless you count the time I took a greyhound bus from Indiana to Chicago in the middle of the night. I still have nightmares about the the large woman who picked a fight with the driver. I'm glad they booted her from the bus in the middle of nowhere and I'm sure some coyotes were fed well that night.

But now to my problem. I don't have a place to stay whilst I am travelling in germany. So if anyone knows anyone, or if any germans are reading this, I need a place to crash. Everything has been booked for months because of the world cup. And although I do like the rare cardboard box to sleep in, I would rather not be staying in the alley whilst vising your country. So if anyone knows someone, or has a friend, or maybe knows a rich old lady that may need sexual favors in exchange for a place to stay; I'm Game!

just to respond to some of your comments about my last post.. i will most likely NOT be commenting on any of your blogs while my brother is in europe, don't take offense please, it's not that i don't care about what you have to say, it's more that i just don't care what you have to say. so with that, i leave you with a riddle:

two coins add up to thirty cents, one of them is not a nickle.. what are these two coins?

Monday, May 08, 2006

i heart sudoku

so, i was speaking to my big brother the other day via cellphone, whilst i was sitting peacefully in central park and attempting to do a 'hard' sudoku, because the 'easy's' had proven too easy the 'medium's' too hard, so i figured i'd just dive right into the 'hard's' and spend my afternoon tearing my brain into tiny pieces and numbers.... SO ANYWAY.. back to my story. i was speaking to my older bro, and he tells me it is my job to keep track of this blog while he is gone away in europe for a month or two or whatever he decides to do, i'm guessing it's going to be closer to a week, cuz knowing how much of a puss he can be.. he'll probably get there, see a sign with giant boobs, faint, and end up in a hospital and then right back in the states. SO, he was telling me it was my sworn duty to make sure that his pride and joy, that being this blog, does not fall apart in any way while he is off gallivanting in the unknown that is europe. well, i thought about this long and hard, and about a half second later, told him perhaps i was not the properly equipped person to take on such a responsible duty, then proceeded to mention that i believe they have the 'internet' in europe and that it would probably be much easier for him to stop into a cyber cafe or whatever and just update this thing himself. (it's the simple things, he just doesn't quite get)... Plus, i'm kinda shy... and well, i don't particularly like spilling my guts on the world wide web... all of this i of course mentioned to my dear brother. so he tells me that i just have to check it to make sure that everything looks proper, and maybe add in pictures if necessary, ya know, the simple stuff..... i have no fucking clue how to add a picture. So, he tells me i can just go on and make fun of him.. so i guess that's what i'm doing here. but then i thought to myself, what if my brother actually stays in europe as long as he plans? i mean, thats a lot of making fun of him.. and i'msure i'll run out of shit to tell you about.. but for right now, i have a pretty great story.. i guess it's not really a story, it's more just something cute and funny that he did when he was younger, something that our dad LOVES to bring up everytime we all end up sitting at the dinner table and aren't yelling eachother and actually enjoying eachother's company... so here's goes:

oh shit.. i forgot what it was.. haha.. i guess it wasn't really all that important, but i sure built it up pretty big.. oops.. anyway.. i'll have to think of more stuff.. i'm sure there are good stories in there somewhere.

i think the story had something to do with a sugar cup or a sugar bowl... boys? can you fill me in on this one?? i know you remember.... it was kind of the beginning of the stickler-izations if you will...

ok, done wasting time here..

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Disney Crush

Driving down any street in LA will sometimes yield some surprising sights and today was no different! While driving down from the grocery store, I crested down my usual shortcut across Hollywood and I saw in my rear view mirror vibrant colors. My car was put to a halt by a stop light giving me enough time to stare at the rainbow as at drew up next to me. It was a woman dressed head to toe in a Snow White costume.

Immeadiatly my head felt light from recalling all the childhood memories of watching Snow White because of my small crush on her. And now sitting in traffic directly next to me, the figmant had become reality. I couldn't help but stare and let my mouth drop a little lower then it probably should have. I was captured by this womans beauty, her black hair tyed above her head and her skin that was deifnitly a little more tan then the drawn charecter, she was beautiful. She turned and smiled at me and started to pull away.

I was awoken from my daze by the light changing and a number of loud honks. My foot jumped immeadiatly to the gas and I took off. I tried to keep up with her and to my luck I was stopped right next to her at the next light. Her window was down and I could hear that she was listening to the same classic rock station in her car. It was like an omen when at that instance STYX, "Lady" came blaring out of the radio. I turned down my volume and reached into the grocery bag sitting in my car seat. I then popped up and looked over into her car. She looked back and smiled again.

And I said, "Excuse me Snow White, how about an apple?" As I held an apple out to her between the cars.

Her reply as she cracked a smile and giggled, "How do I know it isn't one of the poisnous kind that puts me into a deep sleep."

I replied, "If it is, I'll be right here to kiss you and wake you up." and I lobbed the apple into her car, which she caught. She laughed, smiled, took a bite.

And then the honking began. The light had changed and all the peple behind me were visibly pissed. We both took off, unfortunatly she turned left at the next street never to be seen again. She probably had to get back to her 7 dwarfs, I heard they can be troublesome.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

For the last couple of days, I have been working. Not at a job, that happens tomorrow. No I have been working at being a man! A man-ly man. I have been doing home repairs.

I always assumed that everyone knew how to repair loose boards, re-wire outlets, and install cable underneath the floor, but I guess I was wrong. I was talking with my ex-roommate from old apartment, I refer to him as Cat Guy. he had a cat, it is maybe the coolest cat I have ever met. So anyone I was talking to Cat guy and his exact quote after I had told him what I had been doing, "It's good to know that there are some people out there that still know how to do these things, and don't rely on hiring others to do menial jobs."

I never really thought about it in this way before. And then I remembered hearing the same thing on the news the other day during the Illegal Immigrant walk-out. I am pretty sure it was Lou Dobbs on CNN who said, "When did Americans get so lazy?" And I started to think, where did I learn all these Man-ly traits that I take for granted? How did I learn to rip the electrical outlet out of the wall, as well as remove the box it sits in, then ground such a box, and swith the non-grounded plug for one that is grounded? I know I lost all of you in that sentence. I am making a point, someone taught me this and I retained the information.

And I realized my Father and Mother somewhere along the way bestowed upon me common sense. It was always a fight, but when my Dad would wake me up at 6AM screaming at the top of his lungs that I had to rake the lawn, there was a lesson being learned. I remember fondly turning over and going back to sleep, to have my father return to my room and take all my covers leaving me laying there cold. But still i would fight him and go back to sleep. He would then come in my room pick me up, I was to tired to struggle, throw me outside and lock the door. I would then yell for about a half hour at him outside of the door. Then at some point I would be really cold, so I would beg him to let me in so I could change and do the work. Really this was all a con because I would run back into my room and go back to sleep. Only to have him come barreling in the room with a bucket of water which he would pour on me. At some point I would cecede to my father and rake the lawn. Usually it was getting dark by that time, But still he would never let up, knowing full well that later in life these lessons would be important. Be it raking the lawn, cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows, doing the dishes, setting the table, building a bookcase, servicing the car, etc...

But I'm thankful, because now I can take care of myself. So where am I going with all of this, well I'm getting to that. Even though I always felt like this work was some sort of punishment, I know now that it was just teaching me how to be a better person. And I think in some way writing about it will make the ladies want me more!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"The worst thing you can do to a child is ignore them!"

That quote is from my first camp boss. Ben Schwartz, he sat us all in a circle the first night we arrived at camp and told us if there is anything we should take away from this experience, this may be the most important. I will never forget him for opening me up as a person.

So anonymous got me thinking, what happened that very first summer of being a camp counslor? What did I learn? How did I change? Well, Camp B was the very first time I jotted down the crazy thoughts that go through my head. So to answer these questions I searched through mounds of books, and then through boxes, till I remembered that this one special journal I hid in a drawer under my clothes so I could reread things I had written when I was feeling glum. I dusted off the cobwebs and opened the first journal I have ever written in. It was astonishing reliving all those memories in my mind and has given me some good blog fodder for the week. Now I could just copy the entire thing for you folks, but instead I want to quote for you what I wrote on the last day of camp. This is a direct quote from a journal I have never read to anyone, so please let me know what you think!

This is for myself to read 50 years from now, or for whoever finds this book after I am long gone; so here goes:

Even though at this point in my life I have only lived 18(almost 19) long years. I feel I have learned some absolute truths about myself and living in general this past summer.

First; Always take on everything you do with the best attitude. Everyone who has ever known me was amazed at how happy a person I am, but the best part is...this happiness spreads and when people are around me they become happy!

Second; Have fun. In school who cares what you study, just have fun aand somehow if your enjoying yourself, you'll always succeed in what you do.

These two absolute truths I always want to remember and I hope that I realize that I have lived them. Well, thats it for camp, for tomorrow starts the next chapter of my epic life

Well I have to admit, wise words from a youngin'. I have actuelly lived my life this way, except I did work my butt off in college. It wasn't all fun and partying. But I have always been happy and found it to be contagious! Now what else did I find in this magical journal. Well Lots of boring stuff about how fun camp was, crushes on girls, sneaking to bars, skinny dipping, fun games, wicked pranks I pulled etc...

But the best was the poem I found about the summer love that broke my heart. So Ladies and Gentleman of the blogosphere, my world debut of really bad poetry. I promise this is the only one, but I had to share, because it really is, well I'll just let you all be the judge! And if you could see the journal entry there is a duck drawn above the poem, Why? I don't know!

To My Love

Now a fairy tale this may not be,
But tis a story of a Boy named Me.
Everyone has heard nursery rhymes
And many tales from different times.
But never a love story like this before,
Which robs men of all that they were.

Now me was a lad, who that of late
Had never been on a real date.
And then out of nowhere came a beauty, of to speak,
Her eyes were aflame, and his heart became weak.
Was true love at first sight
He couldn't wait to see her again that night.

They talked and they chatted about things long lost.
They had more in common and from this is would cost,
His heart, he would give,But in silent reprimand
She would smite him and would feel as though damned.
Sinking to that place where only darkness dwell
Lost within the soundless pits where no one can tell.

And there is a picture, an image so still
Of the soverign young beauty he met long ago on a hill.
Forever in anguish he will have to live
Thinking of sweetness in a place, where he can't even give
To himself a pleasure to know he has survived.
Even though that lovely beast that has not died
Within his mind and not even to depart
The lovely sound has stolen his heart.

And now with no place to turn,
He dwells where a picture of beauty can not burn.
In the depths of a cavern where he can't see or touch.
The mind ever wandering back to this hutch.
Still ever looking for some sort of key
Sits the heart broken soul of a boy named Me.

-Stickler, September 21st, 1999.

Wow, she really hurt me, but to love and loss is better then to have not love at all. The story of what happened to this girl is kind of funny too. She ended up dating another guy back at school after the summer. I never met the guy till one day seven years later I was in a bar in LA and this girl from Indiana stumbles in. It turns out the guy that she went off with was one of my good friends in LA. Weird!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The ring? Unca Lou... You know I hate boxing!

The weather is starting to get warmer. Warm enough where I have been surfing in the morning. This can mean only one thing, summer is approaching! When I think of summer I think of three things in this order...girls in bikinis, summer romances, and camp. I was a camp counselor once. I know what your all thinking, who in their right mind would leave me alone with a bunch of kids. Well, a small summer camp in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin put that trust in me and it turned out I was one of the best. So good that my second year of doing this, instead of giving me an age group they were forced to give all the age groups a half a day with me! That's what happens when you have children of all age groups sneaking into your activites. There is nothing like trying to pry a 7 year old off of your head because he/she would rather hang out with you then there group! My parents always thought I should be a teacher because of the natural responsivness kids had towards me. They thought I was a good role model, I just figured it was because I acted like a kid. Either way you look at it; children and me would go hand in hand, sometimes me carrying them piggy back.

As I was saying summer makes me think of summer camp. Summer camp makes me think of entirely too many stories, so I will start with my favorite one. It was June of 2000, my second year of working at camp. I knew the in's and out's of the camp from my status as a long time camper second year staffer. I also knew that this year I was going to hold the honor of being the King of Shreck's. For those of you that do not know what a Shreck is you should rent Indian Summer. But I will explain so you don't need to leave midstory, rent a movie, watch it, and then come back.

A shreck in it's simplest terms is a practical joke done at summer camp, that you never ever admit to being the perpatrator of. The King of Shrecks is the person who pulls off the best shrecks during the summer; who everyone suspects, but no one has the evidence to prove it was him or her.

So what made me the King of Shrecks? Good question and thanks for playing. Like I said before it was June of 2000. Camp B hadn't officially opened yet. The staff comes 2 weeks early so we can all bond and clean up the camp. They have to pay us for something! They put me and two other guys to work ripping out a chain link fence that had been on the property for longer then I care to remember. Where as all the girls got to clean out the costume room(fair? I think not). We were hot and sweaty, taking a drink of water, hiding from the whips that would lay into our backs if they found us resting when the idea popped into my head. I turned to the guys and said, "Do you guys want to pull the greatest shreck of all time?" They both wiped their brows and nodded in agreement. And so began the Historical Shreck I call "The Great Fence In of 2000."

The boss of the children's programming, she was my target. The year before she had played a schreck on me right as we were closing camp and I had never gotten the chance to thoroughly pay her back.

My alarm went off at 3:30 AM. It was dark, no one was around. I proceeded to T and P's rooms to wake them. After I had jumped on each to get them out of bed, we put on dark clothes and slowly made our way to the "Boss's" cabin. Underneath one of the cabins we had stashed the entire roll of chain link fence from earlier in the day.

Earlier, after we had finished taking down the fence, P distracted our Boss while T and I hammered nails around the cabin so they could be bent upwards after we hung the fence on them. Ever so quietly we unrolled the fence and hung it around the outside of the cabin. Then T dropped a hammer. It made the loudest bang I have ever heard. We all stopped and stood perfectly motionless just listening to the sounds of crickets. Luckily no one awoke from the clatter. We continued hanging and bending back nails. Until finally the entire cabin was wrapped and securly fastened with chain link fence. As a final touch we wrote on a piece of poster board, "Good Morning You've Been Shrecked!" and hung it in front of her door. See the doors opened inward so she would be able to open the door and come face to face with chain link fence and sign. I'm laughing just remembering this! We then all snuck off and went straight back to sleep, no one was the wiser!

Morning came and we awoke when we started hearing the shouts and screams coming from top side by the girls cabins. We ran upstairs to find our "Boss" screaming bloody murder about how if she finds out who did this, "Heads will roll." All the girl staffers were taking pictures, it was excellent. After she busted down the chain link we all had to sit in a meeting about safety in our staff lounge. It was well worth it. And to this day no one knows it was me, The King Of Shrecks!