Friday, April 14, 2006

It's the end of the week as we know it...and I feel fine!

So it's Friday, hooray for Friday! And it's not any ordinary Friday, it's Good Friday! So hopefully everyone is enjoying themselves and prepping for Easter or if your like me starving to death because of Passover. Gotta love Matza!

But since everyone will be busy with Family or activities, I figured I would lighten the mood a little. So when you get bored and need an escape from the reality that is "The Holidays" come to our blog and ask yourselves these questions.

Why is this Blog different from all other Blogs? In our sidebar you can read our "Best of Our Blog!" Taking you back through the history of our site with letters from my sister and me ranting about the ladies.

What is that you say, you've been a loyal follower of this blog for sometime and have already read all those? Well then why don't you scroll down to the bottom of our sidebar and check out "Stickler's Funny Posts" which are things I have written not for this site!

Wait, you have already done that? Ok then below that is "My Friends Funny Posts" things my friends have written. Always there to add a little hilarity into ones day.

Wait, wait...You have read all those too and your wondering why you wasted your time? Well, I'm gonna guess it's because you find me sexy and wanted to learn more about me!

Oh, that's incorrect? You just were trying to figure out where to send hate mail too? I'm hurt, I have even shed a single tear, but you can send that to

So everyone have a wonderful weekend, if our site doesn't have what your looking for, then move on or click here for The Urban Dictionary. Hours of time wasting stuff, but it's never to late to add to one's vocabulary.

Now where did I hide that Afikomen?


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