Thursday, April 13, 2006

"I'm going back in time!" (Part 2)

It was a bright and sunny day in Las Vegas. The pimps were pimping their hoes, the crack dealers were laying in the gutter, Old people were dying(literally) to hit that jackpot on the ten million dollar slot and all the visitors were drunker then Tom Cruise's love for Katie Holmes(shudder)! I was even at the craps table, when my cell rang.

"yeah. who is this!"
"It's your father!"
"Oh hey Dad, I just lost some money!"
"Well forget about that, I got some tickets to see some comedy tonight, so let's go get sushi and go see these standups!"

And that is what we did. It was funny. If any of you remember Jimmy "J.J." Walker from "Good Times", that is who we went to see! Jimmy is old, I'm sorry to say, and he spent most of the time making fun of the mexicans sitting at the tables around him. It was funny, but I really wonder how many of them were waiting out back for him after the show? We had a good time and I met some of my Dad's clients. They were nice guys, getting up their in age, but nice! It was at this point I realized that everyone around me was kind of older, ok who am I kidding, surpassing me by 20 years!

I had fun though hanging with my Dad, we talked, I filled him in on my life and he did the same back to me! The next day my father awoke early, I awoke late. He was gone the whole day at meetings. So I spent the day relaxing. I started at the wave pool. It would have been fun if I had my surf board and it was kind of cold out. I then took a leisurely stroll down the strip. I gambled a little and learned the pain of watching my money dissapear. It was a weekday so Vegas was kind of empty of people my age, no action for Stickler, but I was here to see my Dad. When my Father got done, he called me and informed me that I should meet him back at the room. We were going to go to dinner and a concert with some of his friends.

I was excited. When we got to the dinner there were about 3000 people there. All of them older and kind of dorky. They are software people what did I expect. We had a nice meal, where my father showed me off and worked the room. It was amazing to watch my Father talk to all these people. I have never actuelly seen him do work before, but I understand why he is successful. We couldn't go four feet without someone screaming out his name. I was proud to be his son.

Then everyone exited the dinner at once to go to this special concert that was being put on for the convention. "Huey Lewis and The News." I got to admit, Huey Lewis totally rocked out. So did all the old folks. I asked all the people around me what the last conert they had seen was, there answers were disturbing, especially since I wasn't alive in the 70's. But watching old people jump around like kids is always a fun time, and seeing my Dad groove out gave me something to use against him the future.

Best Comment of the night my Father made, "So Stickler, cute girl your hitting on."
My answer, "Dad, I wasn't hitting on her, she has a son my age and wanted to know if he would like the music!"
Gotta love Cougars!

All in all it was great to see my father, I got to see him in his element which was new for me. I also got to lose money in Vegas. Who could ask for anything more?


Blogger Steph said...

awww some father/son bonding. Nice. :)

April 14, 2006 6:05 AM  
Blogger Stickler said...

I know who would have thought I would be a softy for my parents!

April 14, 2006 7:36 PM  

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