Thursday, March 16, 2006

So, mom was in town the past few days visiting. when telling her students that she'd be venturing to the big apple to spend time with her daughter they all exclaimed, 'oh, we'll be there too, maybe we'll run into you!! how fun would that be??!?!?' to which my mother replied, 'oh dear god...'

My mother is the kind of woman who wakes up at 6 am, goes walking through central park, drinks her coffee , has her oatmeal and reads the TImes at the same little cafe every morning and then some how makes it to the Reebok store to buy new shoes and Colony records to buy new music all before 10am. the energy on that woman never ceases to amaze me. So, having arrived monday and leaving in about an hour, my mother and i just about conquered the world in the three days that she was here.
Immediately upon arrival, my mother took a walk to Lincoln Center to pick up her tickets for some russian symphony she was going to see that night. since ben and i had tickets for Forbidden broadway to see the new segment they'd created on Sweeney, my mother had made other plans for herself. My mother has taken a liking to the fact that i've moved uptown. she has found herself a nice little hotel a block away from my apartment on the upper west side, and enjoys the fact that it only takes her about 10 minutes to walk to lincoln center from there. Letting my mother loose on lincoln center is like letting a child free to run around a candy store with a one hundred dollar bill. My mother can't go into the Juilliard bookstore without dropping her jaw and squeeling with excitement, because really 'you just can't get this kind of stuff in chicago!!' she goes to Tower records and buys all the new musicals that she's only heard about, but must own. she goes to barnes and noble just cuz it's there.. So, on this beautiful 60 degree Monday, ben, my mom, and i had dinner at a nice little italian place in teh neighborhood we stumbled upon and then went to our respective shows.
Tuesday: i decided 2 o'clock was probably a good time to meet up.. give her a chance to explore a little, waste some of that excess energy, before meeting up with her. I decide to go walk with ben to meet his sister at Lenny's, a little deli near the apartment, that ben has actually never been to before ever. as we are walking i call my mother to see where she is so we can meet up.. as the planets would have it, my mother is sitting in Lenny's drinking her coffee, eating her oatmeal and reading a book. i mean, of course she would be at Lenny's, of course Lenny's would be my mother's favorite place on the planet to go in the morning, and of course that was where we happened to be headed.. i mean, why would it happen any other way. so we meet up with ben's sister and her baby, say hello, and then my mum and i quickly bolt out so i can take her with me to bed bath and beyond. i mean, what are mothers good for if they can't spend money on you while they are visiting, right??? this part of the story gets kind of boring, we shop alittle, buy some stuff.. my mother freaks out a few times when i step out into the middle of the street just as the light is turning green.. but other than that, boring.
That night we go to see Jaques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, at the Zipper theatre. a little offbroadway house that has made the inside of the theatre look kind of like something out of RENT.. the seats are all old movie theatre seats and car bucket seats.. its cute and quaint, my mother absolutely adored it. oh i left out the part where we decided to buy up the Godiva store.. so we are currently at this point in time, carrying around about 5 pounds of chocolate. my mother, like me, has never learned the value of savoring something and not eating it all at once, so while we waited for the show to start, we stuffed our faces with all the dark chocolate we could get our hands on. unfortuantely, the best part of the show was the chocolate. to my mother's dissapointment this production was nothing like the show she had seen so many years ago and reminisced about so fondly.
WEDNESDAY: this entire day was devoted to seeing theatre. we saw Color Purple in the afternoon and Light In the Piazza in the evening. Unfortunately, (and i was much more dissapointed about this than my mother) LaChanze was out during the matinee performance, and she is kind of the REASON you go to see COlor Purple, but, lo, the show was fun, my mom liked it, and we had really great orchestra seats right in the middle, row m. then we had dinner with ben and giles at ruby foos in times square. a friend of ben and mine was working, so we got free dessert.. picture a piece of cake about the size of my 5 foot tall mother! my mother was so ecstatic to be having dinner with the three of us! she said we were the three people she loved the most in new york, adn was so honored to be spending time with us.. my mother gets very dramatic when she gets excited, but this is why we love her. oh right before dinner we stopped at urban outfitters to buy a bag for me. taking my mom into urban outfitters as a teenager always embarrased me, but now, i just kinda get a kick out of it. the uber hip sales people don't really know how to handle her, she runs around, criticizing everything, and finding some cute stuff, saying she had things like that when she was younger, my favorite was when she picked up a bag made out of a carpet and told me how she had one just like it, but they fall apart too easily so she wouldn't let me get it. ANYWAY, so we went to see light in the piazza after we were done with dinner and taking loads of pictures so my mom could remember her favorite dinner ever! unfortunately, another dissapointement for me, victoria clark was out that night, and we saw her understudy, who was also very good.. but whatever.. my mother still enjoyed it. i felt bad, cuz two things i took her to see had understudies.. i guess that's what you get for going to see broadway shows on wednesday!!!
so, after the show, i walked my mother to her hotel and said goodbye. she gave me a slew of encouraging words, telling me i needed a mantra, and that i need to keep positive, life is hard, but i need confindence adn i'll be fine. she really is a wonderful person at knowing how to keep your spirits up. i look up to my mother, i only hope that as i age, my spirits will stay as shiney as hers. that everyday is a new adventure and find all the excitement in everything, even buying a new book of music!
so, the supershuttle has no doubt picked her up by now, and she is headed to newark to catch her flight back to chicago. i know she is so happy to have had a wonderful time visiting, it makes me glad to know that it doesn't take a lot to please her, and i think this week just about made her life!


Anonymous thrill said...

What'd you think of the Sweeney thing? A friend of mine at work saw it last week and really liked it; is she crazy?

March 16, 2006 9:28 AM  
Blogger Stickler said...

Thrill, when asking my sister about sweeney, you must first realize that you are about to embark on a path that will get you no where, due to the fact her boyfriend is the lead! But even though he is dating my sister, the show is really really good! Sis, I couldn't have put Ma in any clearer perspective. Glad you guys had fun and didn't get mom drunk on wine like last time!

March 16, 2006 9:35 AM  
Blogger Steph said...

Sounds like you have a great relationship with your mum. I have too and i treasure it.

March 16, 2006 3:47 PM  
Blogger Stickler said...

We do but she also misses us all dearly. So when we do see her, it is kind of a trip. Steph does your mom know about your blog?

March 16, 2006 10:51 PM  

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