Monday, March 06, 2006

OPRF alumni invasion or let's go break some kneecaps!

Our past is what defines us, makes us unique, seperates us from the the schmucks and nobody's of the world. Our past is something to treasure and hold on to which brings me to the story of my weekend!

The guys I grew up with in highschool are some of my oldest friends. Guys who will always be their through any heartache or strife I encounter. It was a huge surprise for me when 5 of them all for different reasons showed up at my doorstep this weekend. The group consisted of Tello and Jonah; they were in town for a buisness meeting for the company they are starting. It continued to get better when the next day; I get a call midday from my friend PETE; he was in town for an interview to be a staff writer on a blog. Then while eating lunch we get a call from Eddie; who happened to be in town for a buisness meeting and was looking for something to do. Well since there were this many people we called Fuller; he lives in San Diego and had him drive up to meet us.

We started drinking about 4pm. We all have grown and matured, but the one constant in our lives is when you get this many guys from OP togeher, everyone has a tendency to drink out of control. Kind of like we are throwing a party in the woods back in highschool. Only nice part is we are old enough not to get busted by the cops. At least not for underage drinking.

We drank a lot and told stories of the past, conversations picked up right where they were left off years ago. My friends are uproarously funny and have a tendency to create more drama then most, but I still love them. After making fun of each other for foibles of the past, we headed to the bar a block away from my house for a drink and dinner. We were all drunk by this time, and it wasn't even 7PM. Nothing really happened at the bar other then some pitchers, burgers, and wings. We then took off to the fabled, "Brass Monkey" for kareoke and merriment. This is where everything starts to get hazy but I will do my best to recount the events as accuratly as possible. Someone has to for histories sake!

We arrived at the Monkey around 9:00 PM and were seated at a table in the center of the big room. The place was already crowded which is unusual for the Brass Monkey so early in the night. We got up and drunkingly sang. We kind of took over and then things started to get a little sour when the DJ cut me off just as one of my songs started. He did this for no apparant reason at all except to tell me, "Stickler, you have sung enough!" Then we ended up kind of barging in on songs that a birthday party was singing. This is when PETE accussed me of cock blocking him. But as I remember it her friend told me too! Then Fuller and Tello dissapeared. According to everyone they went home, which made no sense because they didn't even know where I lived? Then we got our bill which was a whopping $460 dollars and consisted of tons of drinks that we never got and ended up having to pay for. In turn Eddie got pissed because it was all on his card and started screaming at everyone at the top of his lungs, "I'm breaking Kneecaps, I'm pissed off!" Then I had to pull everyone outside while they were pissed at the whole situation to get a cab. Now this is when Eddie starts getting really pissed, Jonah and PETE were trying to calm him down but he starts stomping around. There was a guy puking against the side of the bar who turns towards Eddie's tirade and says, "Excuse me, but could I get some privacy!" In which Eddie replied, "F&*# your privacy, I just got screwed, do you want your knee caps broken!" Eventually we get a cab, and it takes us back to my place where we find Tello and Fuller passed out on my couch. I ask Fuller how they got home and he says, "Well, see I passed out outside of the bar and Tello found me. Then a cab passed by and we decided we were in no shape to stay so we got in it. To be honest I have no idea how we were able to get back here. I think we just kept pointing out landmarks to the cabby?" Then Eddie continued to scream about breaking kneecaps for money. And then passed out on the floor. Everyone went to bed for the moment at about 3:00 AM.

I awoke at 7:00 AM to my alarm; I went downstairs and woke PETE for his interview for the blog job. Yeah, he was hungover and had to go to an interview. Eddie had crawled into my bed and everyone decided they would make the cross town trek with me to Brentwood. Hungover, badly in need of sleep we drove the 40 minutes to Brentwood sans Eddie. We pull up at a mansion, where their are lots of cars. PETE turns to all of us and says, "Oh my god, look at all the cars. I'm screwed." then steps out of my car shaking his head.

I turn to everyone and ask what they want to do while we wait. We get breakfast and then end up renting those three wheel trikes on the beach. We raced them up and down the bicycle path. At one point we had a race in a beach parking lot, it consisted of Fuller flipping over and Jonah's chain breaking. Then Tello and I had to tow him back to a bike guy to fix it. We then picked up PETE and headed back to my place. Where everyone proceeded to sit down and have the conversation in the post below.

All in all it was an exciting weekend. Insane, but fun. I miss all those guys and I am still trying to figure out how come we didn't get in anymore trouble then that, I guess were all just getting old.


Anonymous Pete said...

That's some good shit.

March 06, 2006 12:28 AM  
Blogger Stickler said...

Your rendition of the night is much better!

March 07, 2006 10:05 PM  
Blogger Kolleen said...

I'll help you rack up the OPRF tally on the West Coast... give me 8 months!

March 16, 2006 6:41 AM  
Blogger Stickler said...

Kolleen, I really don't do the night justice. But you should read PETE's rendition of the weekend. He just put's it all so eloquintly!

March 16, 2006 9:39 AM  

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