Thursday, March 09, 2006

Depression, you pray on us, when we sleep.

Ok, maybe Ben Harper sang the song a little differently. Regardless I have never been this depressed in my life. I feel like the world just crumbled around me. So I came up with a way to get out of it. For a long time now I have been considering taking a trip, out of the country, to see the world. So that is what I am going to do, but honestly I have no idea where to go. So people of the blogosphere, where should I go? What should I see? Who should I meet? Anyone got a couch they want to let me sleep on?

I know this sounds like I am running away, but I am not. If I was running away then right now I would be flying to Chicago, back to where I came from. In reality all I need is a change of pace. I need to figure out what makes me happy and live a little life while I still have some time to live and am still young enough to enjoy it.

But this is only one step in the process of making me happy. The second step is changing my job. I am 25 and I realized that the goal I set out a long time ago to get to in my career I will actuelly succeed in reaching. Great you say, well I also have realized that I don't really want to get there anymore. In fact I really don't even want to do this job anymore, I want a change. I have been thinking about the military. My family does not want me to do this. Why you ask? Well because they, like all my friends, see this as a way of getting killed for a cause that is not worth it. I see it as the way for me to serve the country and give back to a place that I dearly love. I may not agree with the president, but I do agree with what we are doing over there. It is our fault and we have to fix it. Unfortunatly the one thing I don't want to do is make my parents scared for my life, so this probably won't happen. Maybe I'll become a helicopter pilot, I find the machines fascinating. I've been seriously looking into the FBI as well. Well, anyone got any comments to help me in my time of need. I put it to you people of the blogosphere, where do I go next?


Anonymous BLongly said...

There's always a bed with your name on it in Lincoln, IL, though I don't know why you'd want to make this your grand journey.
Don't do the military, there are too many negatives, plus all of your friends would really never see you then. If you want to help, maybe become a paramedic? Or you could become a teacher/professor and teach the kids all the stuff you know. You're definitely smart and know what to do, telling others would be a way to give back.
As always, call if you want to talk buddy. I'm always here for you.

March 09, 2006 11:51 AM  
Blogger Cali Thais said...

Dude, I don't know you personally, but if your a friend of PETE's, your a friend of mine. I offer the idea of teaching English to children in Cambodia. You can live like a king off of very little, and I guaruntee it will be like nothing you've ever done before. If you interested, let me know.

~ J-dub

March 10, 2006 1:26 AM  
Blogger Stickler said...

J-Dub I am interested, tell me more. Just e-mail me at

March 10, 2006 2:55 PM  

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