Monday, February 27, 2006

Sometimes funny things happen...

Today I had a rather funny thing happen. At work, we had sushi for lunch. I love sushi, it is so good, especially when it is all free. My boss B was sitting across from me. The guy who had gotten both of us the jobs on the show were currently working on walks over eating a piece of shrimp. Now he is a really small guy who thinks he is the big man of the show, when really he isn't. In fact he can be kind of annoying sometimes, but regardless he got me the job and I do respect him for that.

He looks at us, stops, and takes the tail of the shrimp out of his mouth and asks, "Is this trash" simultaniously throwing the tail on top of B's food. She just kind of looks in awe as he doesn't even wait for a reply and walks away. B then looks at me and says, "Was that a drive by shrimping?" I laughed realizing her play on words and said, "yes that is exactly what that was." I then cracked up, she looked at me and says, "what?" I said, "what you didn't even get your joke?" Then she laughes and says, I didn't even realize I said that. Life is funny that way sometimes.

Sushi always reminds of me of a particular chain of moments in my life. I'm sure all people react the same way to certain objects, tastes, smells, etc... In fact this quote my mother sent me on a card today pretty much sums that up,

we do not remember days...

we remember moments.

-cesare pavese

But sushi reminds me of Debbie. Now to fully understand Debbie, I have to explain how we met. Even my best friends don't know about Debbie, so this story will probably be new to alot of you.

When I first moved to LaLaLand, I really didn't know anyone. I was living with my roommate from colleges Sister and her Fiance to save them on their rent while they saved for their wedding. One day I was talking to one of my friends, let's call her Meredith. She was one of my best friends from college, we met freshman year and had stayed close ever since. She starts telling me all about how she has this friend in LA who I need to meet. How we would hit it off and be perfect for each other. She then informed me that she would give me her phone number and I should just call her out of the blue. I said to Meredith, "Are you kidding, if you want me to meet Debbie, you need to do this, I am not calling her up and explaining how you gave me her number because since were both friends with you we should be friends."

Meredith said ok, and the next morning in my e-mail inbox, was a message addressed to Debbie and I from Meredith. It said this:

To my two best friends,

Hey guys, I just wanted to write and tell you both how much I miss you. Also since you are both my best friends and the greatest people I know I think you should meet since you both live in LA. So here is each others contact info now be friends and who knows maybe you will hit it off.


Yes, I deleted three sentences with contact info in it, but seriously who does that? So I read this e-mail again and then my phone rings. Seriously it rang and I picked up my phone and guess what it was Debbie. I was surprised and I think I stuttered on the phone. She seemed like a normal girl and it turns out Debbie and I had the same conversation with Meredith about how we were not going to call the other out of the blue. But since she figured I would never have the guts to call she would call first. I could tell immeadiatly that Debbie was someone I wanted to get to know because she flat out called me out before she even knew me.

Now our conversation turned into how we should meet. I told her that this guy I know was performing at an Open Mic at a bar called Dublin's in Hollywood(Note: this is the old Dublin's before it closed and moved into the center of Hollywood). I asked her if she would like to go with me to it, since like I said before I really didn't know many people. So in 3 days on a Tueday night we had planned to meet in front of Dublin's, where she would call me on my phone when she arrived.

So for the next three days the guys I was working with at the time started saying things like, "Wow Stickler, going on a blind date?" "Aren't you scared she will be a dawg." Yes, I know terrible, but guys have a tendency to think this way when they don't know what is coming. I started to get worried, what had I gotten myself into? Did Meredith know what she was doing? Does she even know what type of girls I like? Was this a date?

Well, Tuesday came. I'm waiting in front of Dublin's, I was nervous, even more nervous then when I had to meet the school bully after school. I was shaking nervous. I calmed myself and my cell phone rang. It was Debbie, she was walking up the driveway. Suddennly time started to slow down as I turned my head. There in the driveway was a girl who must have easily weighed 500 pounds. She was rolling towards me, becuase there is no way anything that large could support it's weight on its legs. I was scared! Questions started flying through my head, what should I do? Damn you Meredith what were you thinking? Now realize, I'm a small guy. I'm not mean I would have made the best of the situation, I would have been a gentleman. But you all know the exact same thing would have been going through your head too.

As the behemoth started to get closer and closer I could feel the sweat pouring down my back. And then all of a sudden the large mound of flesh turned left. And behind her, masked from view was the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She had jet black, long hair. Sparkling blue eyes, and a smile that sent me to a state of bliss. She walked forwards gave me a hug and introduced herself as Debbie.

That night couldn't have gone better. If I didn't mention before my comedian friend is Dane Cook. So I took her to an awsome show where she got to meet and hang out with some amazing comedians. We got to talk and have a few drinks. We had a ton in common. It was a great night. The next day before I even had a chance to comprehend what happened the night before, she called me to tell me she had a wonderful time and how we should go to dinner on friday night. And that is how I met Debbie. Why does sushi remind me of Debbie you ask? Well, that is a story for another night folks, and I promise it is a good one.


Blogger Ex-Addict said...

Awwwww! That story was very cute. I love how weird things remind you of people. I am the same way. And yum, sushi!

BTW, Dane Cook is friggin hilarious. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

February 28, 2006 7:21 AM  
Anonymous BLongly said...

Who is this Debbie girl? I feel like I've heard of her before, but I can't remember much. and you don't talk about her anymore. what happened Stick?

February 28, 2006 10:19 AM  
Blogger Stickler said...

Well, Longly I never told you guys about Debbie, I think I told you the Sushi story once. Ex it is just the way the world works. Moments are what remind of us people, places, and things. I just happen to single out certain aspects of those moments so I always remember. I'm a romantic, what can I say!

February 28, 2006 10:17 PM  

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