Sunday, February 12, 2006


ok, so i've been informed that more and more people have been venturing on to this fabulous blog lately, and i'd like to apologize for my lack of presence the past few months.

not much that exciting is going on in my life at the moment.. besides getting fired from my bartending job, only to pick up another one working at the LION KING. i could go on about how the lion king sucks, and how disney sucks, and how they pay me WAAAY less than minimum wage and i only make roughly 10 dollars in tips, and that if i want to see the show i have to pay, so all i've actually seen is hakuna matata and only because its right before intermission and i have to move my cart full of 'sweet' concessions out into the back of the house, but i'll spare you. SOOO, that job blows.
BUT, i just got another job, waitressing, and i hope that this job will prove to be a little bit more finacially beneficial.

um... i'm pretty fucking boring.

i've been setting up my boyfriends myspace account for him.. mine has kind of fallen on the wayside.. but, eh.. whatever.. people seem to want to be his myspace buddy a little more than mine at the moment, so i'll advertise for it now. go to it's a thrilling website. OR go to mine

ANYWAY.. i have to go and serve overpriced alcoholic beverages out of plastic lion king cups with lids and straws to rich uncultured fucks that would pay 100 dollars to see a piece of shit theatre when they could spend the same amount of money and see something that might actually inspire them or move them in anyway, like sweeney todd(my poor attempts at advertisement for ben's show).... so go see good theatre, and feel bad for me cuz i've gotta listen to hakunafuckingmatata one more time.


Blogger Stickler said...

Oh poor sister, stuck in the snow. It's like 85 and sunny here. I think I may go the beach!

February 12, 2006 7:44 PM  

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