Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cassie Johnson I think I love you!

I have decided that curling is my new sport of choice. Currently I am watching women's curling and who knew how attractive the team skip was. Cassie Johnson who hails from the very small town of Bemidji, Minnesota. Which is found pretty close to the Canadian border, she even went to college there and is only one year younger then myself. Playing as her vice skip, her sister Jamie is not so bad looking either except for the fact that she is engaged making her ineligable for my taste. So Cassie if you ever happen upon my website, which I doubt you will, how about dinner sometime? We could talk of the multitiude of black bear that live in Minnesota. Or maybe even how the "Wild" are doing this year in hockey. Maybe you could even explain curling to me, since I still am having trouble understanding it. Pardon if I get distracted by your Minnesota accent, I find it attractive. Especially when you say things like "How a boot another beer." Or "thars a bar over dar." Well you can all judge for yourselves but I think I'm in love.


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