Monday, December 05, 2005

You will be a One Term-inator!

Dear Mr. Govenator,

Today while I was at work, you came by Universal to say hello to all the people and thank them for shooting in California. I was a little pissed when you snubbed me to hobnob with the rich and famous on our set. You ignored the entire working class of the studio and stuck to your actor and director friends. I found this appalling.

I realize I never voted for you, And I believe you have appointed Susan Kelly because you don't know what you are doing. Also if you want the future of California to be better how about start putting some money into that future instead of constantly cutting money from the schools. These are all things I would have like to have chat with you about. But no instead when I held the door open for you to enter our stage and then held my hand out for you to shake it, you ignored me and blew right on by.

I had heard you were coming and even had my camera at the ready so I could take a picture with you, Well that didn't happen, so now I have to post a picture of you from the internet. So I will not be voting for you and neither will any of the other people who work on my show. Thanks for teaching me today that you really aren't doing anything to better California, I mean touring the studios to see your friends, what a job. I guess that is why you really will be the One Term-inator.

The guy who should have slammed the door in your face.


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