Sunday, November 20, 2005

What is a Jetcopter?

It all started with a police chase. In LA we get alot of them. So many, that the police started telling the local news crews that they were not allowed to televise them anymore. When I first moved here, and I was unemployed, I would spend hours watching high speed chases on the 405. Waiting anxiously for the accident that would end many peoples lives but add some excitment to my day.

Now I sit back and have to wait for one to pass by me to add this excitement. Last night while leaving the video store I had such a high speed chase pass by me. A friend of mine started talking about all the helicopters above us. There was channel 2 helicopter and channel 4 helicopter. But then their was Fox's Jetcopter. The question that bloomed before our eyes was what is a Jetcopter? Could it be a helicopter with at large jet attached to it's back, or is it just a snazy name for what we all refer to as a helicopter.

Well a simple google search has revealed to me that their is no difference. Yes in fact a jetcopter is a helicopter. Someone just thought that by saying Jetcopter they could make their plain old helicopter more fancy. Well that is not cool. I put it to the people, it is time for someone to create an actual jetcopter( a helicopter with a jet on it) to blow all those fake jetcopters out of the water. What do you say, who is with me?


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