Wednesday, November 23, 2005

um..... what time is it???

Ok, so oops.. i accidentally woke up at 4pm today... i'm doing really bad at this jetlagged thing. like last night, i couldnt sleep, so i stayed up till 330. no problem there normally, except that my body is desperately trying to go back on Hong Kong time, so i didn't wake up until my dad came in to wake me up.. i got mad, thinking it was actually early in the morning, since it was dark out.. i later discovered that was cuz the sun had already set, and i missed the daylight.. dammit..

so.. back in chicago for the holidays..

surprisingly, i miss hong kong.... mostly i miss the hotel. i mean, what more could i have ever asked for in life? i had roomservice, buy one get one free at the bar, a maid that changed my sheets everyday and cleaned my bathroom and vacuumed my room, an amazing view out my bedroom window, a pool, really good breakfast and lunch buffets, awesome people to hang out (especially the cirque du soliel people that were staying at our hotel as well) and barstaff that liked to give us free alcohol.. alot!!!! i mean, really what more could i have ever want out of life? i lived it, the top, the cream of the crop, and now.....

....i'm at my parents house, being nagged, constantly, about health insurance... i had it all in hong kong, now i'm unemployed, terrified, my life is on pause, stuck at my parents house for a week.

i'll be in new york soon, then i get to spend lots of money i don't really have and try and get a job waiting tables.. gee that sounds fun!! hopefully my agent will get me a job fast... ahhhhh

ok.. i'm done freaking out.. i need to get dressed, it is already 5pm... maybe i'll go to the gym..



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