Sunday, November 06, 2005


so, let's talk here for a second, about how i'm going to be back in the States in TWO WEEKS!!! for any of you that have ever spent a period of time in China, i'm sure you understand how thrilling this is. so, upon my return, i will be staying with the folks for a week to celebrate the last thursday of november.. and eat a lot of food. then, i will be making my way to fabulous new york city where all my friends sit around counting the days till i return so they can get on with their wonderful lives that include me... because, really, who doesn't sit around waiting for me all the time?

but, lo, the problem arrises when i get back to the city and after about a week of sleeping on my friend's couches, my back starts hurting, they kinda start hinting that i should move out, etc, and i decide that i really do infact need to find a place to live.

So, this is where it's your turn to help out. if you or anyone you know, knows of anyone looking for a roomate in NYC beginning roughly in the start of December, or January, please, let them know how fabulous i am, let them know i would love to be their roomate, and let them know, that i will probably never be around, but i promise the rent will show up on time!!!

so, that is the extent of my begging. i have much other important things to fill my time with, like going to theme parks on my day off, and spending hours in the gym. thanks again for all your efforts that i know you are just ready to put to good use!!!!


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