Saturday, November 12, 2005

Korean Food...It just ain't right!

Dear Waitress at the "Prince" Restuarant,

Last night while eating at your restaurant for my friend Mike's Birthday dinner, you assured me that what I was picking off your menu was the tastiest dish you had. When the food arrived I have to admit the cabbage, pork, and garlic looked fine. It ws the giant bowl of raw oyesters that came with it that may have not been right.

You then explained how I mash everything together with some sauces and eat it as a roll; which is the correct way to eat this dish. This was fine as well, it even tasted good. But the puking that has ensued after eating one of those has laid me out for a good day now. Yes, only one of these things have I consumed and since that moment about 16 hours ago I travel to the bathroom every half hour for the flame of god to come out my ass and mouth at the same time.

I wish I could warn people not to eat this, but I don't even know how to prenounce it. So instead waitress of the "Prince," please do not reccommend this dish ever again. Remember we are just Americans who like our hamburgers and hot dogs, and sometimes your spices do not agree with us. And for all you people out their don't ever go to the "Prince" restaurant in korea town, or you may have the same fate as me.

The guy who puked in your toilet last night


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