Wednesday, November 02, 2005

..and i can't top that

so, i'm not sure if i'll ever be able to write anything in here now as impressive as my brother filling in for 'said actor' and having his first kiss televised to millions of people around the world. i must say, i am proud of you brother, it was about time, and you done did do it right!!

the only exciting news coming from the big HK is that, well, i fit into my skinny jeans!! i think girls are the only ones that find this exciting, since the first time i was reassured that other women obsess over this was when i was watching Sex in the City, ya know, when Miranda fits into her skinny jeans again after having gained all the weight from having Brady. so, i feel like, since there really isn't much else to tell about, there it is folks, skinny jeans, huzzah...

my boredom is beginning to give me a new view of things, i need to do something with my life, be creative with my boredom. so, yesterday, i decided to spend a lot of money. that was fullfilling. i felt much less bored after purchasing two new leather bags, two pairs of shoes, makeup cases, and a skirt. now, don't get me wrong, these aren't prada or anything, i bought them all at this cheap knockoff market, my shoes cost 7dollars each, and the most expensive thing i bought came in around 200HK, which is roughly 23dollars. sooo, i haven't gone past me perdiem, and i'm pretty satisfied!!

the other hobbie i have picked up has become spending money on iTunes, downloading the new season of LOST. i must say, if anyone hasn't started watching this show, you must, MUST!! it's absolutely fantastic!

so, when i'm not obsessing over Lost, or my new shoes, or the skinny jeans, i must say, i'm pretty bored. it's getting cooler out and well, i can't exactly go swimming anymore, and the circus people that just moved into the hotel don't want anything to do with the sound of music folk, so, anyone got any ideas? i mean it.. really? any thing? WHAT SHOULD I DO!!??!?!?

ok, thanks for your help.

i'm gonna go to the gym.



Blogger youngest stickler said...

I turned your old room into a weight room, soory dawg

November 03, 2005 1:00 PM  

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