Sunday, October 02, 2005


so, last night my friends and i went out on the town and hit the jackpot with the bar we found! We not only found the coolest ex-pat hangout in Long Kwai Fong, but they also have this rockin cover band that plays like everything from my youth, dating from like 6 grade with early Green Day and Offspring, to like Robbie Williams to Avril Lavigne! And no shitting, they were like the best fucking cover band i've ever heard, every thing they played was dead on! my friends and i got super drunk and rocked out hard, i think we almost broke the place out into a mosh pit while jumping up and down to Nirvana! i felt like i was at junior high dance, and it was the coolest place to be EVER! so, i think i know where i'm going to be every sunday night hence forth! INSOMNIA: You are the coolest bar ever!!!

the post party ended with my three friends and i deciding it was a swell idea to all sleep in my roomate and my room, so we all climbed into bed at like 5 am and passed out listening to this awesome mix (that i definately pat myself on the back for) that includes a little nick drake, martha wainright, dayna kurtz and early tom waits.. best thing to fall asleep to.

i would like to thank our asian sponsors for the evening, Dominique, Roddick and Edson for taking us out after our two show day.. they rock and like to party hard, so all worked out well for them and us!

i would also like to thank dan, the strange british man we somehow picked up at the mexican bar before we headed over to Insomnia to dance, you were nuts man, and slightly scary, but you were too drunk to notice when Becca and I stole like 10 ciggarettes from you, so Thanks for the smokes!

and of course, thanks to all the people at Insomnia for dancing with us, even though some of you were creepy and much older, it was still a good time, you will provide endless hours of entertaining discussion later today, so for that, thanks.

and finally, once again, my heart goes out to you INSOMNIA-Sunday-night-Cover-Band!!! you are the apple in my eye!


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