Friday, October 07, 2005

To my new Feline roommate

Dear Clemintine,

I understand that you are still new to this world, only just beginning in life. But we need to have a little sit down. If we are to live peaceably together I need to address a couple of my concerns. Number (1) My head is not a leap off point to get to higher places. I know that when you are running full speed you may think that it is like your flying, but you stick your nails in the top of my head before leaping and it kind of hurts. Number (2) I do enjoy being woken up by kisses, but not from you because first you stand over my face and bite my nose, then lick my cheek, and then try to open my mouth to french me. If you were a female human, this would be a lot of fun, but since your a cat it will never work. Number (3) People food is not for you. I know it looks tasty but I'm not cleaning up cat puke. Thanks you for reading over my list I'll see you tonight on the couch.



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