Friday, October 14, 2005

A story or maybe just a Sticklerization.

I have always been able to tell quite the story. Have you ever seen that movie, "Big Fish?" Well, my friends will tell you that it is a story about me. Now I swear I always tell the truth, it just so happens crazy weird things happen to me. If you keep reading this blog you'll probably read about them. It makes my life exciting and I'll fully admit I imbelish here and their just to keep the listeners captivated on what's going on. But who doesn't?

Charecter development; the beginning, middle, and end; even the climax; all go into my thinking as I quickly spew forth stories that will forever go down in history as "The Best Story Ever." These stories have become my defining charecteristic and make me memorable. My friends know me so well it wasn't a surprise when I found out they came up with a word to explain this. Recently, while moving, I came across a small scrap of paper with the word and definition my friend PETE so cleverly came up with. So without further ado the lost definition of to sticklerize:

to Sticklerize \stick-LUR-eyes\ verb.

1 :To exaggerate a story beyond all possible belief or recognition from the truth.

2 :To misrepresent by grossly overstating.

3 :To change a small and trivial happening into the meaning of life itself.

4 :To tell a story in order to "Get The Girls."

Example Sentence: Did you just sticklerize that story about you beating up those bank robbers?

Did You Know?
To Sticklerize can also be used as... Sticklerization. So when referring to a friends story or a story told by Stickler you could say, "That was such a Sticklerization!" or as my friends refer to it, "What a crock of sh*t."


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