Monday, October 10, 2005

Scrabble will break your family too!

For the purposes of this post all names have been changed to insure the privacy of those that were involved.

Board Games in my family have always been the cause of much celebration and much anger between siblings and parents. It has to do with the fact that we are all competitive and when playing games(with the family) we have no scruples about cheating what-so-ever. My father being the most notorious for his antics during Monopoly, stealing money from the bank and hiding it under the board. Or my younger sister and brother who change rules for their own benefit. My sister may be the only person I know who has recreated an entire pictionary rules booklet on a computer and then secretly replaced it with the actual rule book, so when the time came she was right. These games have taught me the lesson that no one is to be trusted, and everyone is just trying to get a leg up on the competition. For example when I was 8, I played my father at Backgammon in a Father vs. Son take all tournament. If he won; I was stuck cleaning gutters, mowing lawns, etc.. for the rest of my life. If I won; He would buy me an NES. Yeah, I was stoked. I won all three games. I still believe to this day he let me win, but who knows, us Sticklers' have always been quite the competition at Backgammon.

Even though my family fights during all games, especially when my mother starts a round of Scrabble by laying down all seven of her pieces to spell "Puzzles" or something that makes her impossible to beat. This weekend was the first time I actually heard of a family spliting apart and feuding over said game. It was roughly 3:30 AM on Saturday night, My friend Dylan and I; had taken two lovely girls out to the bars for drinking and merriment. Really I just wanted to get to know "Liz" the nurse. Her friend "Penny" is a friend of mine and I convinced Penny to invite her out with us so I could spend the night trying to "get to know her". The games started as so. We ended up at one of my favorite Hollywood Hot Spots; "The Cat and The Fiddle." Pitchers were ordered and we played a game of Cricket on the dart board. My team won, all because Liz is one hell of a dart player and maybe Dylan was just distracted by how attractive she is.

Next we went to a couple other bars till it got to be closing time and Dylan offered for all of us to go back to his place and play "Pop-o-matic Trouble." Now we were all a little drunk, and this sounded like a good idea, but who knew what craziness our futures all held. We got to Dylan's and played "Drinking Trouble." This is the game Trouble played with three rule additions.
(1) When passing someone, the person you passed drinks.
(2) When getting a piece all the way around the board, you drink.
(3) When landing on a piece, both people drink who were involved.
Fun for the whole family. Anyways I came in second, Liz won again. But Penny got a tad tipsy during this game, so when we moved on to Scrabble it was understandable that Penny became super competitive. The game started with me placing 'Dreamy,' then Liz playing 'Lamen,' then Dylan placing something, and then Penny getting angry about how are words were better then hers. Then It went around again and it came back to Penny who shouted, "I Quit." She then drunkinly retold us the story of how her entire family was super competitive... When her father was younger he was playing scrabble with his family. They got in such a big fight over the words that were placed that everyone took sides and to this day both sides of the family don't talk. She then got really emtional and started saying how she just can't play scrabble at all, she just couldn't do it. It wouldn't be right to play a game that destroyed her family.

Now this is when I looked at Dylan to see how he was reacting to this, becuase I know I wanted to bust out laughing. Dylan was straining and Liz was consoling her friend. Scrabble kind of ended quickly and then we all went to our homes. The next morning while watching football. Dylan goes, that was totally crazy last night. I agreed and for hence forward I will always remember that you never know, maybe scrabble will break your family too. Or at least be one major damper on the evening.


Blogger lil miss stickler said...

number 1: i never recreated rules to any said games and then used them as the actual rules.

number 2: thats some funny shit

October 10, 2005 10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny stuff Josh. Dig it!

Jenn from "You, Me & Dupree"

October 21, 2005 6:38 PM  
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