Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Open mouth insert foot

Recently I had the pleasure of having a lesson with the principle trumpet player of the Lyric Opera. When I called him and set up the lesson he asked me what kind of work i wanted to get done with him and whether i was planning on taking the auditions in New York and San Fransisco. This made me laugh naturally because theres no way in hell i'd be ready for those auditions. I told him that i had confidance issues with my playing since leaving CCM. He agreed to give a lesson, a very expensive lesson.
When i got there we talked a little and i tried to explane my situation a little better. He said stop talking and play something, so I did. I played the third movement of the Kennan Sonata. I played terribly. Than he had me working on the Cicowitz flow studies, i played those terribly as well. After a couple of dirty looks he gave his comments, which were the following.
1. Your confidance isn't screwing up your playing its the other way around, if I should up to an audition playing the you do I would have confidance problems as well.
2. I don't think you were honest on the phone, I believe there is a lot more here to fix than just confidance.
3. Your fundamentals suck.
4. Your breathing sucks.
5. Your practice methods suck.
6. Your sound is not good.
After the lesson i begged him for another lesson, he agreed but was a little aprehensive. That was the first time someone was honest with me. However he's wrong because i went in there nervous as shit and he doesn't know my situation. I'm gonna take the lesson with him and hopfully show him that it really is a mind game because i practice my ass off every day.


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