Monday, October 10, 2005

Jumping up and down=BEST AB workout EVER!!

Once again, i spent my sunday night at the best bar ever listening to the best cover band yet again!! this time, though, i've been unfortunate on the rebound. i have infact spent all day trying to vomit.. but it didn't work to well, eating toast (that i called up from room service, it was really complicated trying to explain why i just wanted toasted bread to someone who doesn't really speak english), watching 'dead like me' episodes, taking an amazing 3 hour nap around 3, and having the worst fucking headache EVER!! oh, and my neck hurts from all the head banging! somewhere around beer 5, i forgot to think, and kept drinking and jumping up and down and head banging! i did become pals with the philipino cover band, who are amazing, though, so that made it all worth it!! ok, it's 7 pm, time to shower and get the day started.


Blogger youngest stickler said...

Asian bands are the shit, you should check out the Pillows and raw eggs and ketchup are good for hangovers.

October 11, 2005 12:36 PM  

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