Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"To young to take over, to old to ignore". Thats how I feel about my life right now. I can't see my dreams come true yet because I just have too much shit to swim through first. Shit thats depressing.
This summer has been a summer of drug induced hullucinations, bike riding, practicing and a couple of random road trips, oh and "Simply Pool". I just got back from Cinci, I had a great time, helped my brother Farley move in to our apartment. I had to carry 3 couches and fight off some homeless ninjas who wanted to take them from us. I hung out with Leigh and spent the night at her house twice, we got really drunk at the first drama party of the year and hit up Graters for some of the best ice cream in the world.
I'm buying a motorcycle. Yes I know how dangerous they are but one of the few things I take enjoyment from in life is riding my bike so this just seems like the next logical step.
This weekend I'm gonna have sex with an artist, about fuckin time too, its been like two months.
Sorry this is such a random entry, I'm just lonley being at home,
so it goes


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