Monday, September 26, 2005

to the asian woman who tried to perm my hair:

have you ever permed anyone's hair before? cuz i don't think ya have... next time you are required to perform perming duties on a customer's hair.. don't read the instructions in front of them.. over and over again.. don't apply the chemicals to their hair, and then check the instructions to see if you did it right.. and then an hour later, after you've unrolled one of the curls and it isn't curly, check the instructions again, send them to the back to get their hair rinsed and then reapply something on their hair hoping that you haven't royally fucked something up. then after another 40someodd minutes take out the curlers only to discover that the hair isn't curly at all, and then lie to the customer and tell themthat it will curl when it dries.. especially when your customer brought along with her two hair stylists that are paying for this to be done and know what a perm should look like... don't lie, just admit that you fucked up.. don't spend a half hour frizzing out their hair, trying to prove that you didn't fuck up.. cuz you did, and now this customer has wasted all day and you have ruined her hair, and now she has to spend all night with a really strong conditioner in her hair because not only is it still straight, but really nappy and coarse.
i really appreciate you finally offering to allow us to come in on thursday to fix it and telling us we don't have to pay until then, that's really sweet... but my hair looks like shit and if you can't fix this, i'm gonna sue your asian ass.
so, next time you have to perm someone's hair.. i recommend you KNOW HOW TO perm hair!!!


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