Thursday, September 22, 2005

to anyone who's interested

So, my older brother tells me some of you folks that actually read this bloggythingydoo are in the 'biz,' as we call it, and well, i think i'd like to take this opportunity to take a brief moment of self promotion, since ya know, why the fuck not.

Here is my headshot:

yes, that unbelievably actractive female is none other than your's truly.

Now, if you feel so obliged, please, take a few moments to stare, if you need to save this picture on your hard drive, go ahead, the more people that can see that shining face the better, eh?

If you'd like a copy of my resume, don't be shy, I can always email ya one, just let me know who's interested and I'd love to send you a copy.

Now, down to business.

Incase you were unaware, I am currently in Hong Kong playing a sixteen year old girl in The Sound of Music. Now, don't be fooled, I am not infact sixteen. I just thought that you should all be notified that that gorgeous femme up there will be available to fill any positions that might pop up in december. Ya know, just in case Katie Holmes, or who ever the star of your big movie is, gets too anorexic to work, or marries some big celebrity and decides to put on a few pounds, or is just too much of a diva for you to handle, just gimme a call, I promise I will be there to solve all your problems! really it's no problem at all, I'll star in your movie if that's what it comes down to, really, I won't complain.

So, just gimme a holler, I'll be around.

thanks for your time!


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