Friday, September 02, 2005

My quest for cheap gas

Today I filled my car with gas and it cost me 40 dollars. Yeah gas prices are High, but I have a Honda Civic. The tank isn't even that big, why is it costing me 40 dollars? So I did a little research today on why. Down the block from my apartment is a small gas station. After filling my car with gas I walked up to the center 4 by 4 foot glass cubicle and pounded as hard as I could on it. This of course woke the gas station attendant sleeping inside. His name, not kidding, was Habib. I said to him, "Habib, why is the gas so expensive here. He told me in very broken english, that it was because of the hurricane. They were not able to get the amount of gas they needed and they raised the price. Now I know for a fact that this is an outright lie. Yesterday in the LA times, their was a great article, which unfortunatly you have to be a subscriber to read. But it said that we get our Gas from farther up the coast and it comes into the ports in Long Beach. Which means, our gas pries should not be going up for any reason. What gives. So I decided to go the source of the problem and I called the white house to complain. Too bad the white house had enough complaining from the president himself about the fact he would be missing his nap to tour the hurricane damage. The white house operator was also not able to give me a answer. So I'm sunk, where do I turn, Arnold Schwarzeneger? For now at least I know that Habib will be keeping his family fed and his Benz clean since he is the one raking in my hard earned money.