Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Official Apology To The Ye Rustic Inn

Dear Ye Rustic Inn,

I am Sorry Ye rustic Inn for the drunken stupor that I brought upon your humble bar last night. I am sorry for being loud and unruly because I had been drinking beer at other places since noon of that day. I am sorry for the moment when I pushed a girl up against the jukebox, made out with her and blocked the jukebox from being used. I am sorry that I was loud to my favorite two bartenders about how I needed to get pictures with them. I'm sorry that I didn't stop blocking the jukebox with my crazy make out session even when the bartenders started throwing straws at me. I am sorry that when I left I couldn't see straight and I pushed all those people out of my way accidently dumping some beer on that one guys shirt. I am sorry to my friends who had to witness all of this and I am sure will be making fun of me for months to come.

I have always loved you Ye Rustic Inn, their is and will always be a special place in my heart for you. Not only do you always get me to the point of utter intoxication, but you are located steps from my apartment. I love the way that you are just dark enough, that I can never fully see who I am talking too and that your awsome classic rock music is pumped out of the jukebox just loud enough, so I can't make out what people are saying. And I love the fact that your bartenders are the best bartenders in LA. So Ye Rustic Inn I am sorry for last night. Next time I'll try to be a little more under control, unless of course my friends are buying the drinks.

-Stickler Your Faithful Bar Patron


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