Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricanes a Blowin

When I got to work this morning and started reading the paper, in front of me was a plethora of stories about the hurricane. I read an amazing tale in the LA times of a family of policemen turning their house into a fortress for the policemen who had no homes. From this place they kept on working, trying to rescue people, and keep order; never knowing where their next supplies would come from. It was amazing and encouraging to know that their are people like that out there. All the talk of hurricanes reminded me of the position that I was in last year, when I got first hand experience with three of them while working in the carribbean.

The wind wasn't really the scary part, it was the sound it made as it crashed into the side of the building, up rooting palm trees. And the sounds of the waves crashing making a deafing roar sometimes so loud you couldn't hear the people next to you talking. The ramshackle hut I was in when hurricane Jeanne went right over us, was definitly a site I will never forget, thank god we had that bottle of champagne from Necar with us to keep us sane. From this experience though I learned about two great web sites. For the best in Hurricane and storm tracking information I recommend NOAA National Hurricane Center. It is hands down the most informative site. Also just as good and more caribbean focused is the Carribean Huricane Network, which is great because their is a place for people to post stories, and it focuses more on each individual island. For us it helped us to figure out the proximity of the storm by using GPS way points.

Lastly for all you people in Florida, I wish you luck with Ophelia, Maria, and Nate. For the rest of the country I hope everyone is doing their part to help those who are less fortunate due to the disaster. I just hope that major earthquake that is way past due in california doesn't decide to show it's ugly face now.


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