Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Five Bladed Razor of the Future

About a year ago, in my LA times I recieved a coupon for one free Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. Yes, Gillette had introduced a new 3 blade system plus it vibrated to make the hairs stretch out longer so all three blades could get an even closer shave. Greedily I went to the store to pick up my new razor, especially since I was still using the old one blade system. Around the same time I ran into this article at The Onion. I laughed and thought damn I just bought a new fangled razor. This razor is the greatest thing ever, I swear I have had some of the best shaves of my life since aquiring it.

But I'm guessing recently someone at the ol' Gillette corporation happened to run across the same article at The Onion. And that person definitly did not find it a laughing matter. No, they thought to themselves, why yes, The Onion has something here. So not only did I get this in an e-mail from my friends, but it made the front page of the business section in the LA times as well as the CNN site. Check out the article here.

Now I gotta say this; five blades, really, am I going to have any skin left on my face. Come on Gillette, The Onion was making a joke, your CEO didn't really write that. But I do have to say, that little razor on the back for cutting those hard to reach places(ie. under the nose) great idea. But still do I need this? Well, of course I do becuase I'm not gonna pass up a new free razor. Even if the replacement razors are 50 dollars each.


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