Friday, June 17, 2011

Work in progress...

Just something I have been drawing for fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Standup Paddle Board or Road bike?

This is the question ladies and gentleman of the blogosphere, also how I'm going to make my return to writing. If both cost exactly the same which would you choose? The workouts using both tools are amazing, so that is non-factor. The road bike would be bring me one step closer to being able to do a Triathlon. The Standup paddle board would solve my summer woes of small waves in front of my house. So which should I choose?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Brick Wall....

This summarizes how I feel today.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The one about the cute neighbor...

Living in Lalaland I have noticed that it is weird to know your neighbors. Driving alone in our cars for hours on end, stuck in heavy traffic has made us antisocial. Where I grew up we had a block call list, block parties during the summer, BBQ's, and events that brought the community together. Here people rush out of their apartments to their cars hoping they don't get mugged and when someone does approach, the other person is freaked out by the interaction. Which brings me to my story...

I'm not sure how long ago it was that the girl moved into the building across the street(Henceforth known as Cute Neighbor). What I am sure about is after she moved in she left a note on my roommates car. All it said was,"
Hey I have seen you walking down the street to play volleyball on the beach. I like to play volleyball and have been looking for people to play with. Here is my number ***-***-**** give me a call. Cute Neighbor."

Now the odd part is my roommate doesn't play volleyball, but our cars are similar and both are parked in front of the apartment so she could have gotten them mixed up. So my roommate, called her and told her he didn't play volleyball but if she ever wanted to get a drink or what not. He of course told me this story three days after the fact and I asked him why he didn't mention that his roommate plays volleyball every weekend.. with all the locals... and in fact there is an email list for the courts so people know when others are playing. He just smiled and said,
"Oh yeah, I didn't think about that."
Time went by, and I forgot all about this random interaction with Cute Neighbor... until today. Now I have noticed Cue Neighbor and her really big sunglasses walking into the apartment every once in awhile. In fact, since I know pretty much everyone who lives around us I have even thought about introducing myself. There really never was a moment when we were walking on the same side of the street, so it just hasn't happened yet. Today, while I was driving down a busy street through the downtown of my beach community I looked over and saw a very cute woman walking in the opposite direction carrying a large heavy bag... She looked familiar but I couldn't place her, so I continued driving to pick up my repaired surfboard.

A little side tangent, I broke my surf board during a huge swell two weeks ago. The fin box got ripped out and I lost one of the fins. When I brought it in to my surf shop, the dude behind the desk told me I'm lucky I didn't break my board in half. The amount of force it takes to rip that out of the board could have not only done worse damage to the board, but screwed me up as well. This also occurred to my new awesome 5'4" Biscuit that I found in perfect condition on a used board rack. I was bummed...Well, it finally came back and 85 dollars later... I guess I'm surfing again this weekend.

Back to the story, about a block past the woman I realized why I felt she was so was the giant sunglasses and that woman was in fact Cute Neighbor. Being on a one way street I realized all hope of turning around and offering her a ride to her place was lost. I continued on my way to pick up my board.

When I returned to my place I put my board back in its resting place on the rack in the garage. As I exited the garage and started to walk around the corner to the entrance of my building Cute Neighbor came walking out of her apartment. I looked back at her and she waved and I smiled and we continued on our way.

So my problem...I need to have a conversation with the Cute Neighbor. But how do I go about doing this? As I stated at the beginning, Lalaland is a place of people not approaching each other. How do I approach this woman I have never met on the street and not make it weird? Go ahead Internet community, give me some advice, and make my return to blogdom worth it.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Another Blind Date...

The blind date... I've always hated blind dates, the whole experience of them. Starting with the awkward set-up all the way to the bitter end of the night when both parties usually question what their friends were thinking. The only saving grace of these truly horrific evenings are the stories that become legend told over beers, various dinner parties, or even wedding speeches for the rest of your life. Not to say their isn't the occasional success story, but most go something like this...

It was just another day at work. Everything was moving steadily along when I was introduced to a very nice older couple who were visiting LA from Texas. He was an older gentleman in his late 40's, distinguished, with a tie and jacket. She was in her early 30's, and cute in a nerdy sort of way, with a nice sun dress. By the looks of them he was rich and she was riding the gravy train. Now whenever we have guests at my job, we give them the star treatment, literally! These people were no exception and as their day with us was winding down the woman turned to me and said, "Stickler, Do you have a girlfriend?" I was a little taken aback by this, I know we had all just spent the day together but are we all really that close? So I answered with a "Not at the moment..." The woman looked to the older gentleman and said, "Why, your such an adorable guy, we know the perfect girl for you." I immediately knew what was happening, I was about to be set up...

The woman reaches into her bag and grabs her cell phone as I stutter, "You know that is ok...I'm kind of getting over somebody..." basically anything to not be set up. The woman goes, "Oh don't be silly, She is a beautiful girl, she is my niece, and her name is A...She just moved to LA...Let me show you a picture." So the woman goes to A's facebook page on her iphone, got to love technology. She forces the phone into my hand and says, "See, she is beautiful!" It was a picture of A on the steps of a sorority with many other girls, I assumed she was the one with the blond streak running through her dark hair. She looked cute from what I could tell. Suddenly the phone was yanked from my hand and the woman is texting A. She turns to me and says, "Ok it is all taken care of I told her about you and she wants to meet so I'm going to give you her phone number. All you have to do is call her!" Next thing I know she is putting A's number into my phone and then they are gone saying goodbye to everyone else.

So I stood there, looking at this number. I guess it couldn't hurt to call, but I needed a plan. Questions were running through my head, What do I say? What should I ask her to do? What if she is a terrible racist? Etc... Well, before I had time to really think on it my boss was yelling at me for something and I was back in the zone of my job.

A couple days passed by and I had a plan...kind of. I was going to call A up during my lunch break and make some sort of witty joke about how crazy her Aunt was...Yeah that would be perfect and then ask her out for drinks. Something simple that I could get out of easily if things turned sour. The clock ticked by and it was my lunch break, I picked up my phone and hit the dial button. The phone rang a couple of times and I got an answering machine. It was sweet sounding voice with no Texas accent. I left a very awkward message that went like this..."Hi A, My name is Stickler and I met your Aunt and Uncle the other day at my work. This is super awkward but they said we might get along so call me back when you get a chance. Hope your having a great day!" I know, I was kind of hoping not to get an answering machine...but again what do you say to someone you know nothing about in a phone message?

Well, regardless later on that night A called me back. She did indeed laugh at what her Aunt had done. And as we talked it turned out randomly that she had gone to the same college as I in Indiana. This made things even easier so I invited her at the end of our conversation to get up super early on Saturday Morning to watch the IU game with me at the Alumni Bar. My thought was if all else fails at least their would be many other people around. Well she didn't show... it turns out she slept in... At least I was at the alumni bar with friends. She did call and we rescheduled for a Tuesday night.

Tuesday night came and I was going to meet her at this certain bar that was known for their brews from around the world. So I'm sitting at the end of the bar waiting...minutes ticking by. Enough of them for me to finish my first beer. When a girl walks in the door. She was totally out of the eighties, Big black hair swirling in all directions held up by product, black stretch pants, little black boots, and a black tight jacket. In my head I thought, I wonder where she parked her Delorian? She then approached me and introduced herself as A. Jokes and jokes and jokes were swimming through my head. I stifled my brain and said, Hi, I'm Stickler. We sat there talking and it became very clear very fast that we had nothing in common. To make matters worse she was just another actress looking for a job. We parted ways and I was even nice enough to invite her to an event my friends were putting on... I mean she did go to my college. She called me the next day and turned me down.

I hate blind dates!

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